A Taste of Monaco in the Heart of Manhattan

In a grand celebration of exquisite cuisine and timeless luxury, the allure of Monaco touches the heart of New York City with the opening of Rampoldi New York. An historic moment for the MC Hospitality Group visionary team, as the iconic Monegasque institution, Rampoldi, finds a second home in the vibrant landscape of Lincoln Square.

Rampoldi, dating back to 1946, has long been synonymous with old-world glamour and exceptional dining in the Principality. Now, under the masterful direction of acclaimed chef Antonio Salvatore, it extends its legacy to the bustling metropolis of New York City. 

Chef Salvatore, whose culinary prowess earned Rampoldi a place in the Michelin Guide France in 2021 and every year since, expresses his deep connection to this venture, stating “This is an incredibly personal project for me as Rampoldi represents the beginning of my journey with MC Hospitality Group.” Located in the heart of Lincoln Square, Rampoldi New York transports diners to the peaceful elegance of the Côte d’Azur. Chef Salvatore, known for blending French haute cuisine and Italian cookery with cosmopolitan flair, presents a menu that is a vibrant fresco of flavors, defining the New Monegasque culinary style. From warm and cold starters to elevated pizzas and handmade pastas, every dish reflects the rich tapestry of Monaco’s culinary heritage.

The interior of Rampoldi New York seamlessly merges the aesthetic charm of its Monte Carlo counterpart with the urban landscape of New York City. Imported elements from France, Italy, and Monaco, including custom furniture from Milan’s Fratelli Boffi and hand-cut Rosso Imperiale Italian marble, create an atmosphere of opulence. Renowned artist Domingo Zapata adds a touch of Mediterranean elegance with a bespoke triptych of Mona Lisa, paying homage to Grace Kelly.

MC Hospitality Group CEO, Alex Teisanu, expresses pride in this momentous milestone: “Rampoldi is the heart of MC Hospitality Group, and we are humbled to be able to share it with a new audience.” 

Prince Albert II of Monaco, Chef Antonio Salvatore, Major of NY Eric Adams, Verozub Family owners of MC Hospitality Group

“I am really thrilled to bring Rampoldi to a global stage” – Chef Antonio Salvatore

Chef Antonio Salvatore, hailing from Southern Italy, has brought his culinary expertise to global kitchens, earning accolades and Michelin stars along the way.

At just 37, Chef Salvatore continues to shape the culinary landscape showcasing the warmth and excellence of Mediterranean hospitality. In bringing Rampoldi to New York City, MC Hospitality Group has not just opened a restaurant; they’ve unveiled a portal to Monaco’s opulence, inviting diners on a journey through time and taste. As Rampoldi New York graces the city with its presence, it promises to be more than a dining experience – it’s a celebration of history, culture, and the epitome of culinary artistry.