Dolce&Gabbana – Believing in the future

Inspired by the blue Mediterranean and verdant hues of the Côté d’Azur, Dolce&Gabbana open in Cannes extending accessibility into the virtual realm but always with the warmth of the human touch.

“There is no end. There is no beginning. There is only the passion for life”.

Words of the late great Federico Fellini we can easily attribute to the divine duo that is Doce&Gabbana.

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana have always loved the idyllic blue of the Mediterranean and its luxuriant nature, so much so they’ve chosen Cannes, the capital of luxury and fun on the fascinating Côté d’Azur, as the venue for their new summer season boutique.

Magnificent spaces, like a movie location, where precious coloured marble exalts the professional career of Dolce&Gabbana in a structured, articulate and integrated universe, from Côté fashion with the men’s and women’s Ready to Wear, Accessories and Fine Jewellery collections, to lifestyle, specifically in a Martini Bar corner on the upper floor, for a truly diverse experience while savouring the timeless beauty of life.

A magical location where fashion dresses the body and architecture dresses the space the body inhabits the space and architecture dresses the space, as well as creating it: from the three grand entrance portals in precious Verde Lapponia Norwegian marble, to the furniture and furnishings in rosewood with steel fittings and mirrors creating a visual play of transparency and containment. 

A project orchestrated personally by the Maison’s creative directors, in collaboration with Marco Costanzi of Marco Costanzi Architects, for an immediately and perceptibly fresh outlook as this elegant glass box embellished with precious Norwegian marble tastefully intrudes onto Boulevard De La Croisette between numbers 3 and 5, visibly reflecting the waves of the crystalline sea.

And for those not fortunate enough to visit in person, there’s the Virtual Boutique Experience, offering visitors a virtual tour of the boutique and its majestic architecture, and more:

for a complete experience you can even make a virtual appointment with a real sales assistant, by phone or video-link, to show you around the boutique and the collections, make a wish list and choose the items you want.

A new way of shopping halfway between digital and real that makes the most of virtual accessibility with the irreplaceable human touch.