Emeralds are time’s best friends…

Harry Winston Emerald Collection

Celebrating its founder, Mr. Harry Winston’s historic fashination with form, the House of Harry Winston presents the Emerald Collection, a series of contemporary timepieces that recall the sophistication and strenght of Mr Winston’s preferred diamond-cut – the emerald-cut.

The Emerald Collection, the latest member in the House’s timepiece portfolio, is a contemporary classic, identified by its distinctive eight-sided octagonal shaped case. The collection offers a variety of styles, from different case sizes, to dial colors and strap options, in order to appeal to the personal stylistic preferences and individuality of its wearer.

Known throughout his lige as the “King of Diamonds”, it was once estimated that Mr Harry Winston owned more than one-third of the world’s most famous diamonds and gemstones.

Often purchased as pieces of rough, Mr Winston transformed these stones into incredible gems, many of which yielded the Emerald-cut shape – from the Jonker to the Vargas to Lesotho.

Today, Mr. Winston’s beloved shape also serves as iconic logo for the House, as well as the inspiration for Harry Winston salons worldwide wich feature custom display vitrines shaped like emerald-cut diamonds.

Emerald Timepieces

Introduced in 2016, the 18mm model immediately established itself as a must-have. With an elegant and recognizable design, the different iterations of this small beauty have their own personality. following the path of its sister, a larger 33mm variation was launched in 2019.

With octagonal-shaped cases, the two series feature their own finishes. the 18mm models spotlight a diamond-set bezel, as a nod to the House’s “King of Diamonds” legacy. More architectural, the 33mm case highlights the dynamic of the dial beveled details. The 33mm case is also available with diamond setting. The 18mm and 33mm are both crafted in either 18-karat white or rose gold, with the 18mm also available in yellow gold, a first for the House.

Available in sunray satin-brushed finish or mother-of-pearl, every dial of the Emerald Collection is crowned with a 18-karat gold Harry Winston logo or with precious stone in the form of an emerald-cut. Elegant features – such as  central octagonal motifs in brilliant-cut precious stones, perfectly delineated beaded mother-of-pearl details or emerald-shaped beveled date windows on the 33mm models – further celebrate Mr. Winston’s favourite gemstone cut. With bold colours, including classic Winston blue, the sunray satin-brushed dials display a sophisticated allure. The latest Emerald additions unveil a new facet of the collection with bright colours and mother-of-pearl cabochons – adornments that bring these pieces a joyful and playful spirit.

Exclusive straps are proposed for the 18mm models. Satin double tout matching the dial colours offer a more modern look, while a supple 18-karat gold Milanese bracelet allow for a more elegant affair. The 33mm timepieces are attached to the wrist with classic alligator leather straps.

Powered with Swiss high-end quartz and automatic movements, the Emerald Collection provides useful functions for every day. While the small dial of the 18mm models remain minimalist with the hours and minutes, the date completes the 33mm models. And because each second counts, the Emerald Automatic 33mm feature a second hand that constantly runs around the dial.

an ode to Mr. Winston, the Emerald timepieces are undoubtedly the very essence of the House of Harry Winston.