Following the successful keel laying event at the end of February this year, the arrival of the Black Shark’s five-decked 77-metre hull at Nobiskrug’s state-of-the-art shipyard facilities in Rendsburg marked the start of the final stages in the completion of this exciting new custom build.

And the event itself, meticulously charted by a few select media, certainly lived up to all expectations. Towed by two powerful tugs from the Kiel facility on the shores of the Baltic Sea, through the locks of the Kiel Canal to the river Elder, the hull reached the Rendsburg shipyard on a frosty winter’s morning  ready to receive its matte black finish, specifically designed by the British Winch Design studio to mimic the actual texture of shark skin and emphasise the yacht’s generous 2,080 G.T. As it moves on to final interior and exterior outfitting, the phase relished by Nobiskrug’s construction manager Boris Deautschmann, the superstructure will be finished in a sporty, metallic silver colour, in contrast with the dark hull, complementing the cleverly designed shark fin-shaped mast.

Acting as Broker for the sale, Construction Supervisor and Owner’s Representative, Imperial Yachts provided assistance throughout the transfer, which marked a considerable step toward the completion of this revolutionary superyacht.

Commenting on the day’s event, Imperial Yachts `Director Julia Stewart had this to say: “It’s a new milestone achieved for this exciting project, a step closer to the final delivery. Her detailed and astonishing black hull will certainly impress the world when will come the time of her first official splash into the water. Imperial and its team are proudly building, with the help of our esteemed partner Nobiskrug, the future of superyacht in all its qualities and superb. From now, every day is coming close to the delivery, and it looks very exciting to see the next achievements.”

Established in 2005, Imperial has built its reputation building, brokering, managing and chartering some of the world’s finest superyachts, offering 360-degree service from initial concept, finance, design and construction, to management, charter, maintenance and marketing, thanks to a team of experienced specialists capable of the patience, discretion and meticulous attention to detail it takes to develop an integrated through-life package.

Imperial Yachts understands superyachts, and the superyacht market, like no other, and is continually involved in the major sales and deliveries of the superyacht industry.