RAMZEN: revamping luxury

With a timeless attitude and unmistakable style this Italian fashion house redraws the emotional map and redesigns the collective imagination through clothes and accessories with a new dimension. 

Abdul Al Romaizan

The pivotal moment was the Milano Moda Donna show last September that witnessed the launch of Abdul Al Romaizan, designer and creative director of the Italian fashion house Ramzen responsible for all the collections as well as the brand image, into the firmament of fashion.

And if there is one place where it’d make sense to investigate and focus on the mechanisms and observe first-hand how an inspiration transforms into a concrete reality, incarnate in fabrics and embroideries, it could only be the creative atelier where he works with his team, for him an expression of his great passion for the world of art and the world of fashion.

The places, the refuges Abdul Al Romaizan goes to, isolating himself from the world, serve to create the visionary universe that’s the key to his work and the code of the brand itself, given that Ramzen in Arabic means “mystery”. 

The result? A redefinition of the lines, a new aesthetic from the mind of a creative rewriting the rules and projecting the brand into a new contemporaneous form.

With a declared passion for the historic links between Saudi Arabia and Italy, Abdul Al Romaizan loves his accessories, considering them elements that give total interpretive freedom. Into his creations he pours all his heart, his love of voyages in search of beauty and dissonance, his obsessive attention to detail (aided by master craftsmen with decades of experience), his manic collectionism and a sensitivity that defies convention.

He was behind the luxury change that rapidly turned into a global revamp, studded immediately recognisable objects of desire. His vision condenses the beauty of different eras, different cultures and distant times, harmonizing dissonance in the name of a romanticism that feeds on references and quotes from the history of fashion (the ‘nineties style showcasing innovative production techniques, exotic materials and redesigned figures) to explain the present through elements of memory.

He invents a very distinctive universe for the brand, where the details, accessories and characteristic colours, from intense purple to sunny yellows and scarlet reds, and the iconic dancing flower motifs, are precise, not simply visual codes.

A universe that cancels out differences of target, aiming at customers with an all-round appreciation of deluxe fashion.

The entire production, from the clothes to the accessories, is strictly Made in Italy using the highest quality materials, from the silks to the fine linen, from the softest leathers (and most exotic, python included) to the most technically advanced, like scuba and paired fabrics.

An new ethical vision that translates into high fashion-content collections, like the exclusive-look capsule scheduled for 23 – 27 May in the city of Monaco and available, along with a high selection of the SS2022 collection, at the pop-up store the brand will be opening next 25 May at the Fairmont Montecarlo. A new step celebrating artisan excellence as a modern, sentimental poetic that gives way to a little “dérive”, to losing oneself dreaming as a way of understanding the contemporary where clothes and accessories are atlases to the emotions, maps that rewrite joy and the desire to experience everything all at once, in these uneasy times.