Taschen & the Dragon

In the realm of high jewellery, Zodiac Charms is the new collaboration between Ai Weiwei and Taschen that follows the success of Taschen Papercut Portfolio of the artist. Through two extraordinary projects, the Zodiac Charms Necklace and the Individual Charms, this partnership has brought to life a unique interpretation of the Chinese Zodiac, blending traditional […]

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Embarking on excellence

Numarine, the Istanbul-based shipyard, is setting sail into 2024 with a burst of momentum, making waves with a series of significant announcements.  The shipyard, renowned for delivering a dozen yachts annually, is not taking a pause, and by the end of February, it plans to unveil three new superyachts: one 37XP and two 26XPs. Building

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Free. But for how long?

Ai Weiwei, who has endured the harshness of Chinese censorship since his childhood, now finds himself in the absurd predicament of being censored in Europe, in London no less. In response, he raises his voice to caution us against the growing lack of freedom of speech and to chastise those “artists” who pursue their craft

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Those fine gentlemen – Tales of Dandyism

Unconventional style, ordinary chaos, and the pursuit of self-expression conveyed through personal and charismatic uniforms. Dandies have traversed centuries of social rebellion to land in the contemporary era with unconventional aesthetic codes that push the boundaries. Metamorphoses of classic male images are set against traditional backdrops, giving life to unique stylistic experiments that play with

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DESIGN NEEDS A GRAIN OF MADNESS – Diego Maria Gugliermetto

Turin is a city of profound cultural contradictions. Its bourgeois image, understated and unassuming, has always concealed an underground world of innovation and originality, a soul that rebels against the gray and beige facades of its buildings. Thus, bourgeois Turin has always nurtured a cultural ferment that over time has given rise to creative and

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