CABINET MAESTRO – Ivan Paradisi’s harmonious creations in wood and music.

In the realm of woodcraft, one encounters a masterful figure who seamlessly marries the traditions of Turin’s cabinet-making heritage with a contemporary artistic vision – Ivan Paradisi.
He is the natural heir to the legacy of Turin’s ebonist tradition, a crown ideally passed down from the legendary Pietro Piffetti, the wood virtuoso of yesteryears. Today, Paradisi ascends the throne, continuing the majestic tradition while charting a course into uncharted territory.

“Every single project is a song in itself.” Ivan Paradisi

Ivan Paradisi’s exceptional artistry lies in his unique ability to harmonize the world of music with the art of woodworking. Much like a composer weaving notes into a symphony, he transforms iconic song titles into tangible, functional masterpieces. His cabinets, bearing names like “Synchronicity” and sideboards titled “Master Blaster,” are not mere furniture; they are poetic compositions brought to life in wood.

Paradisi’s creations are symphonies of form and beauty, transcending the conventional boundaries of woodworking. His minimalist designs respect the inherent patterns and hues of wood, while also paying homage to the musical motifs that inspire him.

Each piece is a unique opus, resonating with the essence of its surroundings and captivating the observer’s soul.
Beyond the realm of woodworking, Ivan Paradisi is a musician in his own right and his profound love for music is as deep as his passion for craftsmanship, these two passions intermingling to create profound, multidimensional artistry.

Espresso Love – Kitchen Cabinet

Ivan Paradisi’s journey began as a restorer of antique furniture, but his affinity for wood soon led him down an uncharted path. His commitment to the art of crafting bespoke woodwork turned each piece into a work of art.

Ivan Paradisi possesses a strong and distinctive personality that shines through in his work. However, this robust individuality doesn’t hinder his ability to engage in a harmonious dialogue with his clients.

Stella Rossa – Bar Cabinet

His creations are a testament to this unique blend of artistic vision and client collaboration. This co-planning approach leads to a tapestry of diverse wood varieties, including ebony, maple, and rosewood,

fabric, and even unconventional elements like plastic.

Ivan Paradisi’s exceptional work has garnered recognition from renowned publications like Elle Décor, Art Tribune and AD Architectural Digest. His pieces find their rightful place in exclusive villas and yachts, adding an aura of elegance and sophistication to these enviable spaces. In every creation, the spirit of music dances with the timeless elegance of woodworking, delivering a symphony of uniqueness and exclusivity.

D’Ivan – Daybed

In the world of bespoke woodwork Paradisi’s masterpieces are more than furniture; they are poems in wood, evoking emotions, and leaving an indelible mark on the world of design and creativity.

Master Blaster – Chest of Drawers