The heights of Megève are majestic and you can really lose yourself in the surroundings, while looking for the perfect place of respite. With the blue glaciers of the Mont Blanc Massif and the mountain pasture farmhouse staring you in the face, you are lost in the clouds. Your eyes halt on a resplendent establishment opened by Kristine and Emmanuel Renaut fourteen years ago, and eureka, you know you have found it..

The spacious 5-star Flocons de Sel, equipped with modern conveniences, boasts all the charm of high-altitude chalets, and is the ideal destination for mountain enthusiasts accustomed to elegant surroundings and a friendly atmosphere. The hotel’s 6 rooms, 2 privates chalets, 2 Suites, and 2 luxury apartments, are all decorated in a refined and sober style, and you quickly acquiesce to being at home.

Emmanuel Renaut, holder of the prestigious “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” (winner of a second Michelin Star in 2008), created the Flocons de Sel gastronomic restaurant and the Flocons Village Bistro, at the village center. In February 2012, Emmanuel Renaut was  consecrated with a third Michelin star!

You should really plan to stay over several days in order to enjoy the exquisite cuisine. Try  spending a week in a private chalet, or a one night in a top-of-the-range apartment to soak in the atmosphere; or simply drop in for a relaxing massage. Either way, you are sure to appreciate the perfect combination of luxury and space of the Flocons de Sel.

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