The name Gucci has long been linked to America since the first boutiques opened by Aldo and Rodolfo Gucci, sons of the founder, in 1953.

A relationship developed through both commercial and personal relationships with many Hollywood stars.

Today Gucci renew this bond, celebrating its 100 years anniversary with a fashion show entitled “Gucci Love Parade”.

A dozen celebrities, friends of the Maison, plowed the catwalk of the Walk of Fame in Los Angeles: from Macaulay Culkin, former child prodigy of the comedy “Mom, I Missed the Plane” in Hawaiian shirt, to Miranda July, American actress, musician and director – one of the 25 new faces of Indie cinema and literature –  from Jodie Turner-Smith, British actress of Jamaican origin, in fiery red fur, to Jared Leto, musician and actor, who we will soon see transformed into the role of Paolo Gucci on the big screen in Ridley Scott’s long-awaited “House of Gucci”, in trousers with exposed laces.

Also nourished the front row parterre where Gwynelth Paltrow wore an updated version of the Gucci red velvet tuxedo designed by Tom Ford, Dakota Johnson, Miley Circus and the Maneskin.

100 outfits like 100 candles for the years of the brand, telling Alessandro Michele’s love for cinema, explained in a letter accompanying the show, entitled Nine Letters dripping with desire: “Mom worked as an assistant for a production company. I remember her detailed and glittering stories about that dream factory. There was Marilyn Monroe’s alabaster pallor and her diaphanous voice. There were Rita Hayworth’s satin black gloves and Veronica Lake’s shiny hair. “

But equally it concerns his first trip to Los Angeles at the age of 27 and for which he has a lot of affection. “LA isn’t a city of fashion, but it’s so trendy!” he said in the backstage before the show.

For Alessandro Michele the avenue of legends perfectly supports his love for fashion, considering Hollywood as if it was a Greek temple populated by pagan gods, where actors and actresses are famous heroes and heroines.

Idols of a contemporary cosmogony who pour into the street, presenting a show as if they were aspiring stars just off the bus, where rhinestone dresses mix in tailored jackets with wide lapels worn with brightly colored knitted leggings. A heterogeneous collection in the style that interprets Gucci’s idea of ​​uniqueness, making you dream again, as much as the large 10-gallon cowboy hats worn by the models.