Fashion designer Luca Di Fusco is perhaps the breath of fresh air we needed.

In a moment that sees consumers ever more attentive toward sustainable fashion and aware of fashion’s currently negative impact on both the environment and, indeed, our social conscience, many are moving toward the alternative of creating select, unique items that go beyond the traditional seasons.

Luca studied at the IUAD Fashion Academy, and has showed in Milan at Fashion Graduate Italia, now confirmed as one of the central objectives of the Fashion Training System Platform.

It’s impossible not to notice his creations thanks to the original aesthetic and precise identity Di Fusco has created both for himself and for this first LOKE tutorial, created by Luigi Veccia, creative director for Daks.

This is what we talked about as we strolled through Piaza Plebiscito, one of the monuments symbolic of his hometown, Naples.


In such a short time your “Green” ethical and aesthetic vision caught the eye of designer Luigi Vecchia and many others: how did you react to being announced the winner and how has your experience in the LOKE virtual game-contest been?

L.D.F.: I was very pleased indeed to have won the first LOKE contest, and apart from winning I was especially pleased to have my work judged by an expert. Reading Luigi Vecchia’s critique was a real satisfaction and I’m happy my project was appreciated for its cleanliness, order and respect for the guidelines in this first contest. It was a stimulating experience that gave me the opportunity to see so many other valid proposals and new talents who, like me, have a burgeoning desire to enter into the world of fashion.

What are the characteristic elements of your design? For example, in terms of figure, form and materials?

L.D.F.: The characteristic elements of my design are certainly form and figure. I like to present items with completely new, unusual lines that often alter the human figure, and at the same time alternate these items with other more wearable and practical ones. I like contrasts, in both colours and patterns, and mixing different styles to create new images.

What are your main sources of inspiration?

L.D.F.: I think my main source of inspiration is music. Music stimulates my creativity and helps me mould the items I design in my mind, as if they were walking a runway already. About stylists, again the ones that catch my eye are most certainly those who play with contrasts and innovative figures. But very often the best ideas just come into my mind from nowhere, maybe in dreams, and when that happens I have to sketch them immediately because they’re so easy to lose.

How would you describe the style you’d like to propose to the fashion market?

L.D.F.: The style I’d propose to the fashion market is something innovative in terms of form and contrasts, with the more imaginative items alternating with more wearable ones that nevertheless manage to surprise for their originality. An elegant style, defined but maximalist at the same time, dedicated to those who love to play with fashion and are never boring.

What are your aims for the short-medium term?

L.D.F.: My short-medium term aim is to learn and train while working in a company, and expand my professional experience. I think I’ll never stop learning, it’s the only way to improve and rise ever higher.

What is LOKE for you?

L.D.F.: LOKE for me is the chance for so many young designers to get themselves noticed. A shop window highlighting the work behind new proposals and a genuine, stimulating and actual competition exalting and enhancing the skills of everyone involved, capable of creating contacts with experts in the field. LOKE can be the perfect chance to be seen in a time when emerging talents still feel the need for support.


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