Olga Danilova: Youth, speed, future.

Building one’s future, from the earliest years, with foresight and determination, knowing how to seize the opportunities that destiny offers us.

Become a professional tennis player. A dream of many girls who have seen their champions fight until the last meter, until the last serve, to win the most important trophies.

There are girls who understand immediately what they want to do when they grow up.

And there are girls who are lucky enough to be able to count on a family and social environment that can support them on the way to their dream.

The Principality of Monaco is one of those places where you can peacefully build your future, relying on safety, structures, opportunities, but also on emotions at your fingertips, unthinkable for those who live in other places. So maybe you get up in the morning, go to the tennis court, and train a few meters from Novak Djokovic. Of course you want to improve!

Olga Danilova is one of these lucky girls. But the most important thing is that she is one of those people who realizes this luck, who does not take it for granted, and therefore she works hard to live up to her ambitions.

Olga Danilova with Thierry Manni, CEO Stajvelo – Monaco

She’s Monaco resident, member of the Cyprus national junior tennis team, and trained at the renowned Tennium in Spain, whose director Philippe Weiss says of her: «Olga definitely has the capacity to develop in tennis.

The way she’s involved in her tennis, her professionalism on the court and especially off the court, and her dedication to working hard, make me affirm that she will optimize her potential and this is what matters. We at Tennium, are really proud to be part of Olga ‘s strong project and our commitment is to support her di lei with our experience and expertise in order for her dream to come true “

Such a commitment must be sustained, and it must be celebrated. Her family knows it well… For her fourteenth birthday Olga was able to celebrate at the Stajvelo in Monte Carlo with another of her passions, the Ferrari of Charles Leclerc, in a model version signed by her favorite driver, and driving on the official simulator (for the moment!) … Happy Birthday Olga, and happy future! Keep on working hard and.dreams will come true.

The F1 Ferrari model signed by Charles Leclerc
Waiting for the driving licence… 😉