Essential contrasts and unbroken extensions into collage, texture and nuance. This is the peerless revolution of rigour from the inimitable Daniel Lee, an architecture of style for apparel and accessories that gives a new dimension to concept of dress.

Yet another way of being, at our best. Vitality and motion. Dream and substance. Decision and purity. And, over all else, intuition. The ingredients are these, or rather this: the concept of beauty, poetic and sensual, that permeates the style of Bottega Veneta.

Sophisticated, engaging, sensual. So well-worked as to seem tactile. Like an ode to freedom for people who choose to express their individuality through a conceptual leap which from the finished item translates into a well-worn garment, a gesture of the self.

“I’ve explored the potential of the materials, declining them as absolute protagonists of a style, a search that transforms into a fashion product, mirror of the now”

Daniel Lee, the perfectionist who never quits, is responsible for directing the clever route to contemporaneity now resident in our consciousness, like our dreams. Daniel narrates the trends of the moment, selecting, one by one, the images of an elegance where everything is form, creativity and that special tension between tradition and innovation.

“Entanglements, nuances, curves, geometries, graphisms” details that become three-dimensional through an innovative use of manufacturing techniques lost in time. The sort that can only be realised in Italy. This, too, is the real sense of the Made in Italy concept. Revisited in a palette of seductive hues creating surprising, brilliant combinations in the narration of detached luxury. The result, in the tradition of the Maison, unites rigour and the sense of craft with innovation. Playing all on tones and nuance.

This way, every collection is a revisitation of a genetic femininity or masculinity, some kind of payback against the harshness of the times, where Lee immerses himself in the pleasure of art, in the intelligent digression of sophisticated techniques, nothing short of impalpable, perfect artisanal inventions. Almost like training never to stop dreaming, to keep looking beyond.

So we see volumes a size larger than outerwear, not delineating the figure; well-profiled dresses emphasizing the shoulder and waist, while all the jumpsuits vaunt generous volumes and comfort. Or serial reproductions that hone, almost lengthen the figure into an upward pointing line, in a style reflecting the focus on a proper past.

Rediscovering the protective effect, where it all starts, promising flushes of joy, grace and form, finding that sense of warm, soft revolution in the conceptual mutation of fashion, as Daniel Lee himself affirms. “The collections” he says “stem from the desire for a journey across everyday life, declaring a new elegance adaptable to every need”. But in this, delineated stratifications and delicate heirlooms take on a special role, incarnating beauty in the manufacture and comfort of XS and XL sizes.  Like in the knotted bag, exasperated in its volumes, or the evening bag, created like a treasure chest, dictating a grammar of taste that plays with other exclusive declinations of glamour.  A process of comprehending the contemporary, in which apparel and accessories become atlases of emotions, maps for rewriting desires.