Fragrance Du Bois scents are the epitome of luxe.

Globally considered one of the most elite fragrances, Fragrance Du Bois, is now offered in a bespoke personalized Swarovski bottle.

A brilliant gift for both men and women, these fragrances are considered the most long-lasting scents because of the purity of their elements.

PRIVÉ COLLECTION features several fragrances of magnificent essence; HERITAGE: one of the most expensive in the line is one of the most endearing.

· HERITAGE by Francois Merle-Baudoin. The fragrance provides a spark and a lightness like the light one sees when witnessing a shooting star. You are in command when you first wear it! HERITAGE is grounded in its own heritage, that of being the Emperor/Empress of the Privé line. A favorite amongst a mix of European and Middle Eastern royalty, HERITAGE has also found a home with American and British rockstars. The fragrance exudes an inescapable ahh! François Merle-Baudoin was born in Grasse, France, François is a fifth-generation French perfumer – his grandfather created the world-renowned Anaïs.

Fragrance Du Bois also offers a collection called FASHION CAPITALS. A few include:

· LONDON OUD by François Merle-Baudoin was originally created as a bespoke fragrance by David Haye, former World Boxing Champion. It was crafted by Francois Merle Baudoin working directly with David over eighteen months until LONDON Oud was perfected to David’s liking. Traditional, dynamic, yet quirky.

· MILANO by Shadi Samra. Milan, the city of style and the fashion capital of Italy where you can find rich history, art, and culture, inspired the MILANO fragrance. The vision for the MILANO fragrance was created by combining the quintessential finest elements found in Italy. As a top note, a mix of Sicilian bergamot and orange gives it that special zest one feels when walking amongst the fashionistas on Via Monte Napoleone. Like the city of Milan, proud in its rich cultural heritage and soothing like the sound of the first opera performed at Teatro Alla Scala, MILANO by Shadi Samra embodies “Italian chic” to perfection.

· NEW YORK INTENSE by Pierre Constantin-Gueros is a powerful fragrance from the renowned French master perfumer Pierre Constantin-Gueros. NEW YORK INTENSE amplifies one’s persona and is considered one of the most long-lasting sophisticated fragrances made in the world. For the iconoclast, the fearless: NEW YORK INTENSE magnifies your best inner being. NEW YORK INTENSE is the quintessential showstopper.

SWAROVSKI GIFT IDEA that brings the “Bling on” to any of the fragrances:

Fragrance Du Bois offers an option to create a bespoke SWAROVSKI decorated bottle.

The Fragrance Du Bois bottles can be personalized with 4,000 to 6,000 ever-elegant Swarovski certified crystals creating a sophisticated bling to the“Most Sophisticated Fragrances in the World.”

Choose any fragrance in the long list of fragrances to create a special gift, adorned with Swarovski crystals. Pricing varies, and you can create your own motif.


Heritage (Privé Collection)

London Oud by FRANÇOIS
MERLE-BAUDOIN Available in Classic Black Label or Special Edition Flag Label
$695.00 100 ML / $415.00 50ML

$289.00 100 ML

New York Intense by
PIERRE-CONSTANTIN GUEROS Available in Classic Black Label or Special Edition
Flag Label $315.00 100 ML



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