Jannik Sinner – New Style Icon

A free spirit, timeless style, and undeniable talent. Jannik Sinner, born in 2001, has been crowned the world’s most beloved tennis player according to the ATP Fans Favourite Award 2023. Destined for success and acclaim across all rankings, the South Tyrolean not only stands out as the most sought-after athlete of the moment but also embodies the Italian essence of dressing well in looks that defy conventions.

Jannik Sinner arrives to play the first round-robin match against Greek Stefanos Tsitsipas at the ATP Finals tennis tournament on November 12, 2023 in Turin.
© Photo by TIZIANA FABI/AFP via Getty Images

There was a time when being a free spirit meant embracing dandyism, and social disparity manifested

in grammars to be interpreted and rediscovered with care. Today, the modernity of this phenomenon translates into unprecedented stylistic variations that reflect the spirit of the present time.

A maverick on and off the court, Jannik Sinner emerges as the perfect synthesis of outfits that tell his story and highlight his gameplay, ready to showcase wearability and a distance from the norm. His onomatopoeic approach to clothing is expressive and fresh simultaneously: wearable pieces like crewneck sweaters are paired with cotton pants and sneakers, preferably white.

The classic color palette unfolds in shades of blue, anthracite gray, cream, and a touch of black. For the evening, soft tailored suits are worn with white crewneck t-shirts.

The extreme cleanliness of the lines, much like his gameplay, is influenced by attention to accessories, evidenced by his choice to wear a Rolex Submariner watch on his wrist, of which he is an ambassador.

Rolex has indeed choosen Jannik Sinner as a testimonial for its values, a pursuit of the highest performance,

and also a sober and elegant style. These principles are historically tied to tennis, and the Italian player embodies them perfectly, thus joining the ranks of other court legends such as Roger Federer, Stefanos Tsitsipas, Rod Laver, and Björn Borg.

Jannik Sinner wearing a Rolex Submariner 126610LN
© Courtesy of Rolex

Body, attire, and playing style merge in a performance reminiscent of the dandy: everything reflects an image

to identify with.

The journey into the champion’s taste continues with his choices of uniforms during matches, reflecting his playing style: direct and determined.

Even on the court, Sinner embraces glamour with specially crafted bags from Gucci, a tangible result of his partnership with the brand of which he is an ambassador. Since July 2023, the iconic travel bag from the Florentine maison accompanies him to every tournament in different variations, always in line with the court and playing surface.

From Wimbledon with the GG canvas version and custom Web ribbon with the initials JS, despite the only allowed color on the court being white, to the one with blue and yellow details for the Grand Slam played in August in New York City, and through the version that pays homage to the official colors of the Nitto ATP Finals in Turin: blue and black.

Different aesthetic variations for a nostalgic vintage appeal, a stylistic clash between technical sportswear and accessories used as embellishments.

Jannik Sinner, ATP Finals Turin, 2023
© Felice Calabrò / ipa-agency.net – courtesy of Gucci