Crafting Avvenice: The founder’s vision

Sitting down with Christian Largura, the mastermind of Avvenice, a digital retail platform, official partner of over 600 top brands. We delve into his multifaceted life of entrepreneurship, luxury, and influence.

How did the idea for Avvenice come about, and what inspired you to found the company?

I’ve always aimed for a “perfect” world surrounded by beauty. Knowing perfection is unattainable, I’ve still pursued the best in everything from a young age. This led to creating Avvenice, a cultural hub offering the world’s most exclusive products and experiences.

Can you share some key milestones or challenges you’ve encountered in building Avvenice into what it is today?

“If you do something, do it well” Only if a person works with this principle in mind can they reach the top. Profit is secondary, passion and dedication for what you love must always come first. I like to understand what’s behind every exclusive and luxury product and location. Knowledge and experiences passed down from generation to generation, dedication passed down for millennia, in some cases even more than 3000 years. Avvenice is primarily a cultural center where you can find presentations and stories of many of the world’s most important companies.

One of the things I enjoy most about my job is visiting companies that produce exclusive products (I have visited over 3000), talking with the owners and CEOs of the world’s best companies. Seeing how artists and artisans create incredible products by hand with knowledge and dedication.

I love visiting luxury hotels and resorts, many of which are located in ancient buildings and monuments, and understanding their history. Others have been built in exclusive locations, real works of art, I’m interested in understanding how they managed to create such structures in incredible places.

Avvenice is known for its innovative approach. What sets your platform apart from other similar initiatives, and how do you see it evolving in the future?

The luxury world will never stop, there’s a constant search to always climb higher, reach new limits, and create ever more innovative and exclusive products. It’s important to do your job well to create an icon that lasts over time, guaranteeing seriousness and professionalism.

As the founder, what values or principles guide Avvenice, and how do these values influence the company’s decision-making processes?

When I make a decision, it’s very difficult to change my mind, I’m very determined and concrete. I like to turn saying into doing and especially into concrete facts. Avvenice is made up of a very young work team. 

I motivate all the people working on the project by making them understand that if a person really wants to, they can achieve any goal and objective. I give various awards and incentives to those who achieve results quickly, thus making everyone part of the project as if it were also a bit theirs, creating “small” entrepreneurs. I like to make people understand that with dedication and sacrifice, and by doing things well, you can reach the top in the world.

In the dynamic realm of technology and business, what lessons have you learned from your experience with Avvenice that you believe could benefit aspiring entrepreneurs?

If you work with constancy and seriousness, always giving your best, you will have the support of all the top entrepreneurs in the world, who will contribute themselves in the first person to help you and climb even higher with your project, until becoming one of the global industry leaders.