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Nerio Alessandri, founder of Technogym, began his empire in a humble garage. Now, as the exclusive supplier of training equipment for the Paris Olympic Games, his vision magnifies, encapsulating global wellness through innovative design, top-tier athletic support, and a unique philosophy: the “imbestio“…

Italy, a country often celebrated for its historic past and rich traditions, is also a cradle of modern innovation. Like Enzo Ferrari who redefined the sports car and Giorgio Armani who transformed the business suit, Nerio Alessandri has reshaped our understanding of wellness.

This narrative delves into the life and vision of Alessandri, the visionary behind Technogym, who has reimagined what it means to live well.

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The Story of Technogym

Technogym’s journey began in a humble garage when Nerio Alessandri, at just 22 years old, set out to change the world of fitness. From these modest beginnings, Alessandri built an empire dedicated to wellness, shaping an industry and touching lives globally.

Today, Technogym maintains over 55 million people in shape worldwide and will equip the athletes of the upcoming Paris Olympics – its ninth consecutive Olympics as the official supplier. 

Alessandri himself stated, “the Games represent a unique platform for sharing our commitment to spreading the culture of wellness, sport, and health with the whole world.”

Nerio Alessndri in the T-Wellness Garden ©Marco Onofri

The Philosophy of “imbestio” 😉

Wellness, according to Technogym, transcends mere exercise. It’s about fostering a balance between physical fitness, nutrition, leisure, and mental well-being, positioning wellness at the core of individual lives and broader society.

A fitter population is healthier, lives better, and even has a lesser environmental impact. Technogym’s mission is to propagate this wellness culture, to ignite passion and awareness, awakening people from the lethargy induced by modern life’s automation. 

Employees at Technogym are driven by a unique concept: “Imbestio” – a local slang from Cesena, the small town in the Romagna region where it all began,  implying a beast-like drive and obsession with perfection.

Nerio Alessandri explains, “Inside each of us is an athlete. It’s not just about sports performance but also about creativity and passion. This is what ‘Imbestio’ means at Technogym, and it has become a key performance indicator for assessing vision and commitment in our team.”

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The Technogym Ecosystem

Technogym views its products not as standalone items but as components of a comprehensive ecosystem designed to enhance client well-being.

This approach is backed by substantial investment in research and innovation. Today, over 200 employees, more than 5% of the staff, are dedicated to R&D.

The company hosts a Technogym Science Center and runs a University offering wellness courses both online and offline globally. The T-Factory concentrates all production processes in one place. all phases are integrated in order to optimize costs, energy efficiency and improve product quality. 

Technogym has pioneered several industry firsts – from the first fitness software in 1996, through the first internet-connected equipment in 2006, to launching the first cloud-based industry platform in 2012 and recently, Technogym Live, an on-demand video training platform.

Additionally, the firm’s commitment to style and design has garnered more than 50 international design awards, a testament to its Italian heritage.

“Our goal is training Happiness”Nerio Alessandri @60 Minutes Sports

Technogym Run

A Timeless Roman Principle

Over 2,000 years ago, the Romans declared, “mens sana in corpore sano” – a sound mind in a healthy body.

Today, this philosophy is more relevant than ever, championed by Technogym’s efforts to fuse modern technology with ancient wisdom, ensuring that the art of wellness continues to evolve, inspire, and thrive.


Technogym Village stands as the quintessential headquarters of Technogym, encapsulating the essence of the company’s commitment to wellness and environmental sustainability.

The T-Wellness Store and Showroom

Located in Cesena, this wellness campus is where the concept of a healthy lifestyle seamlessly integrates with ecological consciousness. The design of the Village features natural environments, abundant natural light, and materials chosen for their low environmental impact. Here, both indoor and outdoor spaces harmoniously blend, creating a setting that promotes well-being while minimizing the ecological footprint.

At Technogym Village, half of the company’s 2,300 employees come together not only to work but to live the wellness lifestyle that Technogym embodies. This includes testing the fitness equipment they meticulously assemble – 90% of these employees utilize the equipment daily for training and socializing. This practice isn’t just about ensuring quality; it’s about embracing the wellness ideals they espouse. Moreover, the employees enjoy healthy meals at the corporate restaurant, reinforcing the company’s vision of overall health and wellness.

Technogym’s influence extends far beyond its headquarters, with the remaining staff spread across 14 subsidiaries worldwide-from Europe to the United States, Asia, the Middle East, AuAstralia, and South America. Globally, every day, 55 million people train with Technogym in 85,000 wellness centers and 400,000 private homes across more than 100 countries. The Technogym Village is a global beacon for sustainable living and wellness, proving that corporate practices can indeed foster a healthier planet and populace.

Technogym Run: Power your pace.

Technogym Run, the quietest and most energy-efficient treadmill, caters to both cardio and strength training needs. This innovative treadmill offers a unique slat-belt technology that mimics the elastic response of an athletic track, providing an optimal running experience. Its extensive running surface accommodates longer strides, allowing users to run freely and effectively.

Born from Technogym’s three decades of expertise in fitness and sport, and as an Official Supplier for the last eight Olympic Games, Technogym Run is equipped with a 27” Technogym Live console. This console features a wide array of on-demand workout modes, including cardio, strength, hi-intensity, and bootcamp options. Users can select from a library of video workouts led by trainers, targeted routines, and virtual immersive outdoor workouts that adjust incline according to the route. It also integrates entertainment options like Netflix, YouTube, TV channels, and social media.

Technogym Run

For those seeking a comprehensive training solution at home, Technogym Run provides varied workouts that meet the needs of every family member, from amateur runners to marathoners and triathletes. It also enables bootcamp-style workouts, which include high-intensity sessions combining running, resistance, and floor exercises. These workouts automatically adjust to the user’s level for maximum efficacy.

Moreover, the treadmill’s push mode allows users to replicate sled training with up to 55 kg (121 lbs.) resistance, enhancing muscle tone, efficiency, and stability. This feature positions Technogym Run as a versatile home fitness solution that supports a broad spectrum of training goals, making it an unmatched choice for those dedicated to improving their fitness at home, regardless of weather conditions or personal schedules.

Technogym app: World-class training for globe-trotting fitness enthusiasts.

The Technogym App delivers personalized, on-demand workout videos from elite trainers, suitable for home, gym, or outdoors. Designed to meet various goals like weight loss, athletic performance, and overall health, the app employs scientific research and AI to suggest daily personalized workouts. Available anywhere, it syncs seamlessly with Technogym equipment for enhanced training experiences across device

Technogym App

The AI-driven Coach offers tailored exercise regimes, meditation, and nutrition guidance for a holistic wellness path. Users can select from diverse programs, including specialized Signature Programs shaped by Technogym’s deep roots in professional sports training. The app also monitors physical activity via the Movergy Index, and a team of over 30 seasoned trainers provides advice, ensuring effective and varied training for all fitness levels.