A brand born from social media and transformed into a fun-loving trend that’s just a little crazy.

A fashion that turns and thinks about the way it is, that gives its wearers a little respect and frees them to choose how to wear it and how to put it together.

A fashion in sync with the times that doesn’t look at women as just another consumer sector.

Reflecting on the work she’s been doing since she launched her brand through the channels of social media in 2019, this is how Maria Vittoria Paolillo explains her MVP Jungle collection.

She takes advantage to these semi-vacuum space-times of uncertainty to reflect, to become even more selective in her choices of materials and try a more targeted approach to a real new aesthetic.

This is where the collection was born, as a sort of reaction to the confusion that led to the streetwear wave in a social moment when clarity would’ve certainly been preferable.

It’s a new way of asking for a new normal, shared by the many coming together to deal with the lack of moderation seen in much of the fashion produced before the pandemic.

It’s a need for simplicity, and clean, minimalist lines as a pause to reflect and find solutions to all this confusion. Solutions that aren’t always the easiest but usually the most reliable for putting the whole thing into perspective, just as long as you get some result.

The collection itself is a declaration of this movement toward a new code of elegance that gives value to the clothes and their interaction with the people wearing them.

In a collection where simplicity is the goal and not the starting point, Maria Vittoria offers her girls a wardrobe of simple, clean items that take on their real meaning only when personally combined and coordinated.

The jackets, shorts, denim, blouses and sweatshirts are classics designed to target the tastes of all women, even the newer generation we’ve come to know as millennials.

If it looks a little less decisive, less radical than before, perhaps a little sweeter to cater for the demands of a new, uncertain market that often gives off contradictory signals, then maybe that’s just because of the way we’ve come to think in these dark days.

But here we have a change of direction, which inevitably makes us reflect and dig up the age-old argument about fashion design for its own sake, but that’s just part of our routine and food only for our own obsessions. That’s why we have to go further, as did this girl who loves clean style but with an edge, and fights for her ideals.