The return of the “chevalier” ring, in its most authentic meaning: the artistic value of a designer’s jewel.

Timeless ideals and values ​​can come together in an eternal form of a precious message. A perfect synthesis of identity, image and content, aimed at creating the Unique Piece project born from the collaboration between “Pisa Orologeria” and Fabio Lissi. Lissi, jewelry artist, transformed his atelier into a tailor’s shop, where instead of scissors and fabrics, you can find precious stones and precious metals and materials. An evolution of high jewelry characterized by the revival of the author’s signature for the “Pisa Diamanti” brand, for the rediscovery of the classic “chevalier”. This ring was used in ancient times to press wax as a certified signature of the aristocracy, depicting the family crest. It was an expression of wealth and power. Those who received a letter sealed with lacquer wax, could check the imprint of the ring on the seal, to be sure of the authenticity of the letter.

Today the “chevalier” is worn by customers who want a new emotional shopping experience, where the value of the jewel is no longer linked to the expression of distinction, but rather to its artistic value. For this reason, the designer Fabio Lissi has created three rings, with different shapes (octagonal, “tonneau” and oval) in 18kt white gold, black rhodium-plated, and diamonds, using the traditional “lost wax” technique, flat-cut set in inlay.

A greater expressive awareness of one’s personality beyond trends and fashions, transformed into a jewel with a soul, but above all, with a story of those who will have it with them for a lifetime, or who will even pass it on.