The “King of Diamonds” has arrived in the Principality. Monaco and Harry Winston: it’s a match made in heaven.

With its stunning four-year facelift now complete, the Hôtel de Paris continues to redefine timeless luxury in Monaco. Of all the dazzling diamonds to be discovered at this iconic Monte-Carlo address, it’s the 124 metre-square retail salon inaugurated by Harry Winston in January 2019 that shines brightest.

With a prime position along La Croisette in Cannes well established, this new opening on the French Riviera further consolidates the luxury brand’s exclusive aura. Surrounded by plush marble and cascading greenery, the jeweller’s courtyard is a new addition to the hotel, a discerning oasis of precious stones where the salon is located.

Necklace: Legacy Collection


Monaco jewellery lovers can look forward to classic Winston with a contemporary twist, as well as access to the finest pieces and rarest gemstones. Elegant design features include a striking black and white marble foyer, on which sits the centrepiece vitrine. The brand’s signature grey colour scheme, as well as handcrafted furniture, further emphasises the design mandate: to capture the elegance and intimacy of a private estate. 

“Classic, glamorous and rich with culture, the high-end destination is among the most exceptional in the world, and features an unrivalled backdrop for our newest location,” commented CEO Nayla Hayek about the importance of the Monaco opening.


Cover Picture: Eagle Collection