Chabi Nouri, the new global CEO of Piaget. Here she tells Force One about her new mission, revealing the new path she is taking Piaget on, modernising and rejuvenating the ambition of the brand, while capitalising on its history and unique heritage.


With her extensive experience and knowledge in the universe of ‘luxury’, Chabi Nouri is among one of the best in the business. Having spent most of her career at Cartier, developing her skills within the fine watch and jewellery industry, she remained within the Richemont family and began her collaboration with Piaget in September 2014; First in Global Brand Equity, Nouri worked her way through the company as Jewellery Marketing and Communication Director, International Managing Director in Sales and Marketing, before becoming the Chief Executive Officer in April 2017.

F.1.M. : How did you start your career?

C.N. : When I joined Cartier in Switzerland, I started as a watch product manager, I then went to the headquarters (in Paris) and was in charge of merchandising for all the retail stores, cutting across all the brand’s offerings. Then I went into retail, and was put in charge of boutique operations for half of the network US, emerging markets and a part of Europe. I was then lucky enough to experience the consumer goods world and extensively developed my Trade, Finance and management skills. All of this has given me a multicultural and multi-context background and I think it has helped me in the last few years and will help me in comprehend the complete environment. It has put me in a good position to understand all the different part of the business I have to deal with.  I have now been at Piaget for 2 years.

F.1.M. : How do you define yourself from a professional?

C.N. : I believe in teamwork, believe in brainstorming, innovation, creativity and in disruption. I am challenging and demanding. I am energetic and I have driven a vision and shared with my team. As the Possession woman, I like to live in the fast lane!.

F.1.M. : What is your opinion with regards to the actual scenario in jewelry?

C.N. : Piaget Jewellery seems ready for a glittering future.

Indeed the branded Jewellery market keeps on growing at an estimated rate of +14% in Euro. This growth is supported by the growing women purchasing power. Jewellery is becoming a self-purchase for women, a daily essential, generating new prosperity even bigger than China! Our present launch on our Possession icon talks directly to women.

Then the share of jewellery is increasing in the mix of Piaget but totally in tune with the feminine positioning of the brand so famous for its jewelry watches.

F.1.M. : We live in a ‘liquid world’, dominated by maximum gain and uncertainty regarding marketing rules. How do you relate to this world?

C.N. : As with any creative process, there are several solutions. The key is to keep an open mind and to have the ability to adapt quickly if necessary. In addition, forecast to stay curious to experience new realities.

F.1.M. : Everything seems to be possible and accessible and this is perhaps due to a lack of rules. What is your opinion?

C.N. : Today, yes everything seems possible and accessible and this is an amazing evolution that offers so many possibilities but the real question is what do we do with it and how do we “use” these possibilities.

For the luxury industry and Piaget, it is great to be able to communicate throughout different channels directly to our audience and to express the Maison thanks to stories, videos, and pictures with our social networks and via our friends of the Brand. The clients also have the opportunity today to get informed online, to touch and try the creations in our stores and shop online at any time or offline. The client has all the possibilities today.

F.1.M. : At the same time, we live in a society based on the “here and now” where there seem to be no values or commitment. What are your values?

C.N. : On the contrary, I think values and commitment still exist and are more and more important in the world where we live. Honesty & respect are the values I personally respect the most.

F.1.M. : What would you describe as ‘still’ about you and why?

C.N. : Nothing about me is really “still”. Piaget has a creative signature that has taken its inspiration in the founding values of the Maison since more than 140 years that is what remains consistent while being able to innovate with every single creation.

F.1.M. : And what instead would you describe as “sparkling”?

C.N. : What is sparkling will be the creations we develop that express the positive and solar energy of Piaget and bring joy to the person that will wear it.

F.1.M. : Ms. Nouri, please tell us something that will seduce our readers?

C.N. : Piaget has always been driven by a very positive energy, a shared joy and audacity and that is really, what we want to bring forward, what I call the sunny side of life. I will let you discover Piaget’s world in our story and online.