When you think about Rolex and Monte-Carlo, the first letter that comes to mind is “T”. You may think “T for Tennis”, but it could be also “T for Tina Zegg”. Tina Zegg, Swiss, has been, since 1998, representing Rolex in Monaco. In 2012 Tina and her partner Carlo Cerlati opened an exclusive Rolex Boutique beside their main store on Casino Square,  followed by another boutique in 2014 in the heart of the most prestigious yacht club in the world. It’s the 10th year that Zegg&Cerlati accompanies Rolex in the sponsorship of the Monte-Carlo Tennis Masters. We met Tina Zegg in her beautiful office with view on Casino Square.


F.1.M. : Rolex and Zegg&Cerlati is a long story…

T.Z. : A long and happy story! Already more than 15 years representing Rolex in the Principality. Rolex embodies the quintessence of Monaco: luxury, elegance, and efficiency. Being the official dealer of such a brand is for us a sense of pride. Today we have two boutiques exclusively dedicated to the Swiss brand, and this says a lot about the importance we give to this partnership.

F.1.M. : What makes this brand different from any other ?

T.Z. : Rolex has found the perfect balance: selling a luxury product to the widest audience possible. Whenever you reach a certain level in life, a Rolex is simply a “must”. But this goes far beyond fashion. This happens because Rolex watches are perfectly manufactured. You wear real value on your wrist. And more than anything, the design is timeless.

We sell many luxury brands at Zegg&Cerlati.  Periodically, we see a specific model of a specific manufacturer becoming the “must have”. But after a couple of years, the same model looks old; it’s out of fashion. This does not happen with a Rolex watch.

F.1.M. : Your work with Rolex means also to collaborate with them when it comes to participating in events such as the Grand Prix or, no need to say, the Monte-Carlo Rolex Tennis Masters.

T.Z. : Yes, of course. Rolex has been sponsoring tennis events since 1978 in Wimbledon. Thus, when they first told us about the decision to sponsor the Tennis Masters in Monte Carlo, we were immediately enthusiastic about this choice.

You must know that such an event requires a huge effort, from both financial and organizational points of view. Moreover, energy is at the highest levels… and you have to take care of every detail that will satisfy your guests.

In the past we used to organize cocktails and receptions here in the Casino Square, but since we have our “boutique éphémère” directly at the Country Club, the opportunities to meet watch enthusiasts are boundless.

From the point of view of public relations, this is also much easier. Rolex is sponsoring a number of tennis players, and since the boutique is right there, it is much easier for them to be present and testify their passion for this brand and to share some good moments with our clients.

F.1.M. : Are the results consistent to the effort?

T.Z. : Definitely yes!, The tournament gets people excited and happy; they are in the perfect mood to take their time to observe, compare the different models, and of course, decide the model they prefer. Participating in one of the best tennis tournaments in the world is definitely a great choice.

F.1.M. : Do you play tennis yourself?

T.Z. : Well, I wouldn’t really describe myself as a real player… (smile)

F.1.M. : Do you have a favorite player?

T.Z. : If I should name only one, I would definitely say Roger Federer. He is elegant, classy, and mentally strong. … And we could add, he’s also Swiss!