Legendary Addresses of opulence

The story of a Family success, in the words of Lionel Windeshausen

Being a part of the Windeshausen family is an experience to be embraced on a grand scale. Led by the second generation, the Luxembourg-based boutiques have transformed their clientele and prestigious partner brands into friends of the family. 

Let’s follow Lionel Windeshausen, the son of the founder, that opens for us the doors of the new boutiques, inviting us into the heart of the Windeshausen family’s journey and providing a glimpse into the passion, expertise, and innovation that define their legendary presence in the world of high-end jewellery and watchmaking.

F.1.M.: Lionel, could you tell us how did you attain such heights? 

L.W.: We developed gradually in tune with the evolution of our clientele. The opening of the first boutique in Bastogne marked the beginning of the family business already led by the expertise of my father, Jean, and me. Quickly, the space, which we’ve retained to this day, proved to be too confined. Thus, we sought a new showcase capable of highlighting the full spectrum of our expertise. That’s how the Bertrange City Concorde boutique came to life in 2009.

F.1.M.: What specific expertise are you referring to? 

L.W.: My father, Jean, and I are both trained as artisanal jewellers. Therefore, we are quite comfortable advising our clients on brands or creations, addressing gemmology questions, and even matters of ergonomics. This level of guidance is evident in our sales team, comprising around thirty collaborators.

F.1.M.: But you’re not solely focused on jewellery, right? 

L.W.: Indeed, we are avid collectors of watchmaking (laughs). This passion undeniably forms the second pillar

of our business. Over time, prestigious houses such as Rolex, Hublot, IWC, Chopard, Chanel, Cartier, Zenith, Breitling, TAG Heuer, and many others have found a home with us.

F.1.M.: You often mention the term “space”… 

L.W.: Certainly, each brand has its dedicated environment and display, but our stores also include workshops. The first is dedicated to watchmaking, allowing us to carry out after-sales service on numerous brands and products, including vintage pieces. The second workshop is naturally devoted to jewellery. Here, JOZ takes shape, our in-house collection, a nod to a line that advocates uniqueness. It’s also the workshop responsible for crafting custom pieces ordered by clients based on their desires and budget. These pieces are then showcased alongside the trendiest jewellery brands like Messika, Hulchi Belluni, Fred, Dinh Van.

F.1.M.: So, you’re exclusively in the luxury sector? 

L.W.: No, we believe that passion transcends and isn’t solely synonymous with high-end products. In 2013, just a few steps away from the flagship store, we opened a second, more trendy boutique. In the vibrant displays of this space, you’ll find the latest creations from Bell & Ross, Ebel, Tudor, Oris, Hamilton, Frédéric Constant, Rado, Certina, Swatch, or Tissot, to name a few.

F.1.M.: Is the journey just limited to your space? 

L.W.: On the one hand, our space reflects our passion, but it’s also a fabulous playground for adventurous clients. We also offer a dedicated corner for pre-owned watches, guaranteeing the products we showcase, as well as a workshop for custom-made, high-end, Made in France watch straps, compatible with all watch brands without exception. On the other hand, a Rolex boutique within the store, a VIP lounge, and a wine bar add the final touch to the immersive experience of our space.

F.1.M.: Are you present outside Luxembourg? 

L.W.: We are where our clients reside. The Luxembourgish community is highly international, and being deeply committed to the concept of service, I frequently travel, considering that our collections are not exclusive to residents and visitors of our stores.