DESIGN NEEDS A GRAIN OF MADNESS – Diego Maria Gugliermetto

Turin is a city of profound cultural contradictions. Its bourgeois image, understated and unassuming, has always concealed an underground world of innovation and originality, a soul that rebels against the gray and beige facades of its buildings. Thus, bourgeois Turin has always nurtured a cultural ferment that over time has given rise to creative and avant-garde movements. Among the various creative fields, perhaps the one that has found the most fertile ground in the city of Savoy is contemporary design, of which Diego Maria Gugliermetto is an absolute and current example.

Force One office overlooking the Monaco Harbour – Furniture by by diego Maria Gugliermetto (except sculpture table by Ivan Paradisi)

The historical first capital of Italy, a crossroads of bold creativity, is a clear demonstration of how contradictions can generate beauty and innovation.

In this context, the Gugliermetto family in the 1950s embarked on an extraordinary creative adventure in furniture design with the founding of Gufram, characterized by a complete break from classical norms.

The search for new forms, bold color combinations, and tireless experimentation with innovative materials such as polyurethane have in the subsequent decades opened the doors to the company’s international fame.

Today, the ambassador of this creative heritage is Diego Maria Gugliermetto, who with his G-Experience carries forward his bold vision, outlined in the Italian Design Manifesto of 2012, and continues his irreverent challenge to conventions and expectations in the world of design.

Lattina “Nespolo” (Can armchair)

Joyful, lively, impervious to boredom and the grayness of indecision, Diego Maria Gugliermetto celebrates the Bella Vita with his polyurethane sofas shaped like cork stoppers or chocolate bars, with armchairs engraved with poetic phrases, with the modularity of his creations that can change their appearance in hundreds of color variations. 

“People see the madness in my colorful liveliness and can’t see the madness in their boring normality! “Diego Maria Gugliermetto

Today, attempting to draw a line between a work of art and a communication tool is entirely anachronistic; in fact, G-Experience furniture can be found both in museum exhibitions and in the offices of major companies that have commissioned unique pieces.

In Diego Maria Gugliermetto, innovation is the realization of a free dream, the ambition of the Mad Hatter. For this reason, his furniture reproduces everyday objects in a fun, wonderful, provocative, and irreverent manner, multiplying both their real-life dimensions and our happiness.

The results are hyperboles of excess that take shape through a long and meticulous artisanal process, rigorously handmade in Italy.

Tappo (Bottle Cap) – footstool