Nautical Works: Jacques Devaulx

In the words of John Edward Masefield: All I need is a tall ship and a star to guide her by… And as early cartographers were so used to printing on faraway, uncharted corners of their maps: here be dragons…. So all I need is a tall ship and maybe a reliable chart! Things that we now, […]


Photographer, filmmaker, film and music video producer, publicist, painter and sculptor. Erick Ifergan has come a long way in his creative career, and in many directions, before landing Château Saint-Martin & Spa in Vence, and getting us into a surrealist dream. Erick Ifergan’s work is the perfect transposition of his personality into painting and sculpture, as […]


Can an artist encapsulate the spirit of all artists, of all epochs, in his own work? In theory, yes: there’s a common thread that links all human beings who dedicate their lives to art, and every artist studies, is inspired by, influenced somehow by those who went before them through the centuries, as well as by […]

The 58th Venice Biennale loses some of the poetry

Ralph Rugoff’s curation of the 58th Biennale involved the entire art world in what today is certainly a globalising issue:  May you live in interesting times. A title drawn from an English expression wrongly attributed by certain British politicians to an ancient Chinese curse, alluding to periods of crisis, uncertainty and disorder; “interesting times” as, […]