Prada: Seduction by reduction

The Spring / Summer 2022 collection, designed by the creative co-directors Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons, is staged simultaneously in the warehouses of the Prada Foundation and in Shanghai, in the headquarters of the Zhongshan Road Foundation, analysing the meaning of the garments, considered typically feminine, in the current context through ideas and references to the past.

Elegance, femininity and awareness are the elements of a past that continues to shape our present.

The memory of a train, the ribs of a corset or the curvature of a brassiere draw shadows and memories that evoke ancient times, breathing life into new garments, abstracting the body rather than forcing it, revealing the naked skin.

Garments reconsidered, rethought and confronted, where a spontaneous train of couture silk is reduced to a hint, but gives seduction almost palpable form through its rustle, the same that drove the gentlemen of the past crazy when they admired a woman and sighed as she passed.

The elegance of the evening dresses translated into an entire wardrobe materializing in precious double satin or scarlet lace, essential signs of the visual and decorative arts of a fashion of the past, which become a significant symbol of seduction for the women of the twenty-first century.

A collection obsessively projected to finding the synthesis between past and present starting from an internally organised argument to make an influential change to the feminine concept, and educate the symbolic power of male culture that hasn’t changed, but which can through the semantic communication of fashion.