Hibourama, the revolutionary luxury handbag brand, launches a new innovative service.

A new experience model that inaugurates the concept of fashion as a service, making it sustainable and circular.

The déjà-vu is a rather widespread feeling in a world governed by the global market. You just need to walk the central streets of one of the many metropolitan cities in the world, transformed by mass tourism into mandatory routes, to realize how the original identity has often given way to a succession of equivalent boutiques that offer the same goods everywhere. It is clear that in a world dominated by the identical, only details can make the difference.

No wonder that to treasure this lesson are two young designers, Maila Ferlisi and Rachele Mancini, who conceive fashion not only as an offer of a product, but as a living concept. This was the spirit that in 2011 gave birth to Hibourama bag brand.

Two annual collections of four iconic models, to which are added seasonal flashes, 100% made in Italy, with an entry price set at around 300 euros, and up to 1,200 euros for thos models with hand embroidery and precious leather.

A collection of bags where tradition and research are not in contrast, and respect for craftsmanship is combined with the ability to innovate and with sustainability.

A “circular” experience, projecting ourselves into a future, where we are both users and creators.

Hibourama founders decided with their partners to develop a new format, allowing the customer to satisfy his desire of wearing a bag that is always different and perfect for every occasion, while having the opportunity to replace it with the new seasonal model without constraints.

“After observing the evolution of fashion in these recent times, we decided that it was the right moment to bring to the market the idea of the development of a new concept of fashion conceived as service”, says Massimo Di Amato , co-founder of Hibourama. “The emergency has in fact accelerated a paradigm shift regarding the possession of longer-lasting assets, modifying the behavioral choices of consumers. But Hibourama’s vision went further. We aimed at a model based on circularity by promoting new ways of using and consuming products. Through the Hibourama Subscription model, we intend to enhance the experience of our customers by offering a new flexible and sustainable consumption formula integrated with exclusive services. Considering that in Europe; an averge 30-40% of the wardrobe is never worn, consumer models in the form of a subscription can represent a new solution, as long as it is linked to a circular supply chain, where products can have a second life by promoting the reuse of raw materials. “

The formula includes three different subscription bands that reward the loyalty of the members in different ways: Desire, Pleasure and Sin. The monthly subscription is characterized by an installment starting from 59 euros up to a maximum of 99 euros, and the annual one starting from 49 euros per month, up to 89, which includes more possibilities for changes, availability of models and personalized services that will give access to renting, private sales, personal shopping consultancy, discounts and more.

“We are very happy with the result obtained, of the quality of the product, the usability of the new platform, and for the pioneering and strategic proposal that we are sure represents the future of sustainable luxury”, confirms Daniele Provenziani, co-founder of Hibourama.

The models of the brand, made unique by the hexagonal logo, range from handbags to shoulder bags, up to precious mini clutches, including a variety of nuances and textiles with handmade lurex knits.

After a first teasing phase in the previous months, with registration to an exclusive waiting list, the platform for the subscription of the most demanding customers has been successfully launched. In addition, the brand foresees the strengthening of the retail sales channel with the opening of corners, pop-up stores and flagships in the course of 2022. This plan represents an important milestone in order to communicate directly with its clientele, guaranteeing brand recognition and market positioning.