Milano Unica 2023 embraces a Resort Wear style

Milano Unica for Spring Summer 2023 restarts from the most representative place of a holiday: the hotel. A Resort called “Mu Hotel”, a symbolic expression of the need for a “re-departure” to distant destinations and an attitude towards life that leads to embrace a new style of “Resort Wear”.

A true rewriting of the aesthetic and expressive codes that embark on the paths of the most refined elegance, but also of the most sophisticated technology, where the old and the new meet and intersect, where heritage and design are on parallel levels. Each borders on the other, in the desire to create a dialogue between clothing and furnishing fabrics forming three types of hotels, all united by the fil rouge of eco-sustainability and awareness of the importance of our planet : Ecoresort, Ecoyacht and Ecopalace.

The first is immersed in the most uncontaminated nature where the blue sky blends with the crystalline sea and the scent of myrtle. A place of sophisticated yet almost primitive simplicity, with sandy floors, exposed beams and stone walls. Here the fabrics are impalpable and the poetic transparencies such as to be a pendant with shells, ropes and raffia describe precious and elaborate accessories.

The second is a new generation yacht, eco-friendly and respectful of the sea that plows the routes of the international jet-set: from Saint Tropez to Saint Bath, from Portofino to Montecarlo and then to Portocervo and Capri.

The days are marked by a ritual made up of great dives from the deck-board, a spritz Saint Germain at sunset and party under the sky till late. Here we are in the world of stretching colors, tubular knits, overprinted sponges, colored nylons and shiny lycra.

Finally, the latest hotel is in a city, where architecture and artistic stature establish themselves with an aristocratic and international attitude. The rooms are sunny, contaminated by exotic references mixed with traditional European decorations. The damask satins, the brocades, the fringes of the trimmings translate into textures, applications and accessories, almost like a nineteenth-century novel.

Three visions and three places for an unprecedented Lifestyle that represents the expression of a feeling that crosses the entire world community and symbolizes the first real season of rebirth, post-pandemic, and of projection towards a carefree holiday inspiring new projects and attitudes of deep awareness towards ourselves.