Alberto Corrado

More than year’s experience in journalist with L’Uomo Vogue, Vogue Italia and the editor- in chief of FashionTrend Collections. Since he took the jounalist career , he has made all the difference: it has launched and brought up artists, photographers, designers, exhibitions, social phenomena and trends. During his carrer he has worked for Diners Club Italy, Editrice Abitare Segesta, Mondadori, Book Mod @ Mag, Febeditoriale, RCS, Edizioni Eco Market, Luuk Magazine and in the music WebMusic Company, Sony Music, Deutsche Grammophon, Universal, Warner Music, Decca, Sipario and the cinema with Walt Disney, Warner Bros, Universal Picture,Del Fuego Management. He teaches the history of costume and the history of design in school and University as Florence University or the Arts e Berkeley Institute of San Francisco. He collaborated with brand as Fashion&Luxury digital business strategy & digital PR.

Sandro Paris “Fly Away”: Desire for freedom.

Spring Summer 2020 fashion expresses its energy through the images of brands translating their collections into author’s photographs. Transported from a timeless place in search of young people, the Maison Sandro Paris, founded by Evelyne Chetrite in 1984, chooses a fresh and lively approach, in search of something different, where a group of friends live …

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PESERICO, perfect synthesis

Peserico’s language of look breaks the rules spotlighting actuality, by reinterpreting what is. Classic elegance analysed, questioned, inverted and subverted in an international act of estrangement that makes us reconsider what we think will be the trend for the coming winter. Thoughts that lead straight to exploring the universe of a firm that has made an …

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Hibourama, the revolutionary luxury handbag brand, launches a new innovative service.

A new experience model that inaugurates the concept of fashion as a service, making it sustainable and circular. The déjà-vu is a rather widespread feeling in a world governed by the global market. You just need to walk the central streets of one of the many metropolitan cities in the world, transformed by mass tourism …

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