home & yacht same owner, same vision

In terms of interior design, very often the owners of yachts look for the same aesthetic and functional references already present in their own homes. We’re talking with Karine Foubet, from a privileged standpoint: her showroom on La Croisette.

Karine Foubet has interior design in her DNA: a passion handed down to her by her parents, and that she has been able to transform into something very important.

Her boutique “B KA” is the reference point in Cannes and the entire Côte d’Azur for interior design on apartments, villas and, ça va sans dire, yachts.

“Our work demands great personal sensitivity. We need to get in tune with our clients, understand the spirit with which a person, or very often a couple, approaches the design choices for their space. All this is of vital importance for the success of an interior design project “.

These are not simply aesthetic choices, and functionality is indeed a fundamental element when starting out on a new design.

left: SanLorenzo SD92 / right: Feadship 115


The form, the choice of materials, the practicality of managing the spaces also play a significant role in the definition of a design. And if this aspect is important when working on an apartment, a villa or a chalet, you can well imagine how much more important it is when talking about a yacht:

“The interiors of a yacht, regardless of its size, demand a highly specific approach. Moreover, in human terms, the same person who is easily advised when it comes to the décor of a house, tends to be far more inflexible when it comes to that of his yacht: the yacht is a pleasure, it has to meet all of his desires “.

So the choice of the brand is fundamental.

San Lorenzo SD92


“Poliform is the perfect partner for yacht interiors, and their recent design on a Sanlorenzo SD92 is the perfect demonstration”. The design of the yacht is inspired on the great cruise yachts of the ‘thirties and ‘forties, but the interior fits perfectly with the aesthetic and functional canons of our times. This project shows the perfect marriage of design and performance, confirming the indissoluble bond between home and yacht, between the domestic scene and the yachting world, combining the two worlds to create stylish innovations.

Karine Foubet has also recently completed a new interior design project for a Feadship 115.

Poliform Cannes – 94, La Croisette – Cannes

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