I’M DREAMING OF A GREEN CHRISTMAS – Our Sustainable Luxury glamorous gift picks

Holiday traditions come in all shapes and sizes, but gift-giving brings the same heart-warming effect in every culture. This year we have put together an oooohh and aaahh collection of wish listables true to our glamorous selves but with a twist of sustainability and philanthropy that will send that glow across the globe. We have shopped the four corners of the earth to bring you an array of “gift ideas with a purpose” from sparkling stocking stuffers to lavish no-limits offerings.

Hide a bit of Indiana Jones treasure in a Christmas stocking. The stunning earrings crafted by the talented artisans of Motché Paris-Lima find inspiration in the collective identity and rites of great ancient cultures from 3000 years ago – Chavín, Mochica, Lambayeque, Chimú, and Inca. Made of recycled gold, this exclusive collection was conceived by Dr. Carole Fraresso, a world-renowned expert on Andean metallurgy. She designed her first collection for Lima’s Larco Museum, reinventing the mystical beauty of pre-Colombian pieces. Your unique gift has been fashioned by goldsmiths with a family lineage of craftsmen dedicated to making jewellery for the elite of ancient Peru. (cover picture)


For him, we have come upon these fabulous Gorilla Cufflinks in gold-plated recycled bronze, by Salvari. Gorillas are an amazing symbol of power and strength, but they are also amongst the most endangered primates in the world, highly vulnerable to poachers seeking ‘trophies’ to sell to eastern markets, whether that be head, skins or paws. These unique cufflinks are a reminder of the numerous threats they are faced with. By giving a set to your loved one, you will contribute to the conservationof these social, gentle and awe-inspiring mammals.

Offer the magic of a captivating perfume and empower an entire community. “The beauty of fragrance is that it speaks to your heart…and hopefully someone else’s”, said Elizabeth Taylor. Blazing a revolutionary trail in scent, spirit, and humanity, Sana Jardin is the world’s first socially conscious, luxury fragrance house. A first in the fragrance world, providing economic empowerment of women through The Beyond Sustainability™ Movement. Sana Jardin’s female flower harvesters in Morocco hand pick ingredients for these fine perfumes that will be the highlight of any dressing ritual.


While you contemplate your next vacation, sip your libations in style responsibly. The gorgeous rose quartz Reusable Crystal Straw in stainless steel with a rose gold finish is crafted with love by Crystals for Humanity to help stop wastefulness and to revitalize your water with the natural healing properties of the crystals. Rose quartz is regarded as the quintessential stone of love. The crystals are fairly mined, hand selected and cut by expert lapidaries in Brazil and range in overall size from about 30mm to 40mm in diameter. A lovely brush cleaner & carry pouch are included.

If you have decided to hit the slopes with your little ones this year, then Let it Snow with Stella McCartney’s skiwear for kids. These adorable suits are made of brightly printed recycled fabric. Offer one to your child and have them learn to cherish and protect our forests with The Lonely Tree, a playful opportunity dear to Stella which teaches children to preserve and respect the environment.


When you’ve come home from that fab day on the slopes and prepare yourself for a cosy evening in front of the fire, wrap yourself in luxury with the delicately plush, baby-soft throws from Animanà, a social enterprise located in Patagonia and the Andes. Founded by Adriana Marina, Animanà produces elegant and silky blankets, throws and leisurewear out of royal baby alpaca, vicuña and merino wool, dyed using only plant and other natural dyes. Her profits help train young artisans, rebuild schools and clinics and teach the local workforce about environmental preservation and luxury manufacture using heritage craft techniques.

Feel like some globe-trotting but not sure where to go yet? Why not start by gifting one of Bruno Helgen’s most amazing pieces to explore the continents on. Forged from recycled teak root, this globe is a unique masterpiece, hand-hammered with the oceans represented in black volcanic sand. Made in Bali, signed and numbered, this work of art is delivered in a wooden box and protective cotton bag.


And if adventure is truly calling and you are ready to splurge on your loved one (or yourself!), surprise and delight with a once-in-a-lifetime trip, custom-tailored to perfection by Impact Destinations. This unique luxury travel concierge concocts extraordinary experiences which combine nature discovery and epicurean adventures with philanthropy and conservation. Here’s a peek at what a two-week getaway could hold in store for you starting at $90,000 per person.

save the life of a rhino as you pay for – and get to heli-witness – its relocation from a heavily poached reserve in South Africa to a safer park in Botswana

learn to track snow leopards in the Himalayas then rejuvenate yourself to a memorable spa treatment in Bhutan

swim with wild dolphins in their natural home, allowing the unlocking of a $6,000 donation to their conservation, relax next day with a cooking Masterclass with a Michelin starred chef

spend the day with a marine biologist aboard a submarine to explore the wonders of the underworld then dance the night away at a traditional folklore festival in Mexico and donate to the local community’s efforts to house their homeless

Each day provides you with a priceless memory while you leave a positive difference behind as you return homeward.

Offer that amazing destination gift with a splash and present it in one of Etienne de Souza’s striking boxes made of coco shell and Tahiti mother of pearl marquetry. Etienne turns natural materials that are considered waste into treasures of intricately inlaid furniture and accessories found in the world’s most prestigious interiors.


You could also tie your invitation to travel as a tongue-in-cheek name tag on one of Elvis & Kresse’s amazing Fire & Hide Gladstone Bag, recently praised by Carla Delavigne. Since 2005 Elvis & Kresse have been rescuing raw materials, transforming them into luxury lifestyle accessories and donating 50% of profits back to charities. Now partnering with Burberry, they have deftly combined worn out firehoses with scrap leather from the luxury industry to create new stunning travel and leather accessories, worn by A-list celebrities the world over.

If it is to the warm weather you are headed, the perfect gift for him has to be one 209 Mare’s cashmere-soft terry toweling Beach Blazers, ideally paired with one of their fast drying swim shorts. This dashing old school fashion set is the epitome of sustainable glamour. The jacket is made from bamboo terry towel which compared to its cotton counterparts requires a third of the water to grow and no pesticides at all, it also helps that it is naturally antibacterial. The blazers are superbly stitched and tailored and 209 Mare have a variety of colors and finishings, some even come with velvet lapels from organic cotton. The shorts are manufactured from upcycled marine plastic which has been collected by fishermen in the Med and turned into one of the fasted drying fabrics on the market. (15 minutes in the sun will do the trick)


And about that bubbly I mentioned earlier…why not pour yourself a “coupe” of the incredible 2013 Leclerc Briant Cuvée Abyss, Brut Zero which has just spent 15 months aging in bottle 60 meters under the Atlantic Ocean, just off the Breton island of Ouessant. Imagined by Hervé Jestin, Chef de Cave, oenologist and biodynamic guru, for the 150-year old organic champagne house, this golden nectar is heavenly, literally: along with the observation of the biodynamic calendar, Hervé proffers the technique of adding chalk during a ferment, to helpto balance the wine because “chalk is in resonance with the moon”.

Let us shine like the moon and as we hunt for “the perfect gift” for friends and family, illuminate a stranger’s life as well. Give a Centrepoint “New Year New Life Start Box”. Combining one year of Room Sponsorship support, cooking lessons, a Christmas gift, counselling sessions, and a health check, this life-changing gift could provide everything from an enjoyable Christmas to comprehensive skills training and health support. Help this admirable organisation give young people the opportunity to truly enjoy their first safe holiday with the knowledge that they are going to start their New Year with a positive outlook.

The meaningful and oh-so-glamorous gift – giving choices are endless and limitless – take a moment to reflect on the blessings in your life and add an exotic, yet globally sensitive touch to this year’s yuletide treasures. Happy Holidays to All!!