That’s the name of the new private beach on the Croisette, created by the Hôtel Barrière Le Gray d’Albion to the delight of all. It’s elegant, cheeky and bursting with bohemian personality.

The Mediterranean menu is prepared by chef Pierrick Cizeron in a spirit of sharing and a mix of flavours. The barbecue grill adds even more scope to the creative cuisine of the Mademoiselle Gray beach, which takes inspiration from sun-blessed Mediterranean shores. Fresh, flavoursome food with the aromas of the Lebanon. Like the whole grilled lobster with saffron, the spiced lamb chops, the tomato salad with aniseed and Escragnolles goat cheese, and the grilled vegetable salad with coriander and aniseed. At the bar they compete to concoct the most unusual multi-coloured cocktails.

The atmosphere varies between festively musical and lazily mellow. Sunny furniture, wood-framed sunshades, woven rope chairs and wickerwork stools form a modern, natural decor, with woven rush mats scattered here and there and a decorative collection of straw hats on the wall. The whole effect is an invitation to a good day’s lazy escapism in the Cannes sunshine, the spectacle of the sunset over the Esterel hills and a late evening with stars twinkling above and lights sparkling on the sea before you. Mademoiselle Gray is a pretty lady by day and a night bird after dark, awake from morning to night for sunbathing to music, taking a dip when you like, flavoursome moments in between and delicious evenings all year round.


Hôtel BARRIERE LE GRAY D’ALBION – 38, rue des Serbes – Cannes / +33 (0)1 73 600 111