Marina De Golle: for true admirers

Marina De Golle is a fashion brand that is inspired by art, modern architecture, clean, bold lines, and retro aesthetics. High quality handmade products and exclusivity by Marina De Golle are made for true admirers.

Marina De Golle started her business in 2008. In 2012, a small atelier turned into a personal fashion brand, specializing in crocodile leather products of the highest quality. The brand has concentrated on the creation of accessories, outerwear and footwear made of exotic crocodile leather.Nowadays Marina owns two boutiques and has her own atelier in Milan. The brand is actively developing and very soon will present its creations also in the United Arab Emirates.

Croco mini bag – is the iconic piece of the brand. Bags are available in any color.

Marina De Golle specializes in creating unique products, which have no analogues around the world.Women’s and men’s lines include clothing, footwear and accessories made of crocodile leather and fur in stock are personally tailored. The brand’s philosophy is quality and comfort, luxury in every detail supported by the traditional savoir-faire of the professionals exotic crocodile leather. An expensive and structural material is produced and processed in the best factories in Italy and France, supplying raw materials for the world’s major brands.

A whole team works on the choice of high quality materials, such as Parosus crocodile leather of the first category and semi-precious metals.All details and accessories of the brand are produced in Italy and covered with Palladium. 

Marina is being inspired by her clients, luxurious lifestyle and quality materials. According to the designer herself, as soon as she touches and feels the material, she immediately imagines the future creation.

The goal of Marina De Golle and her team’s daily work is to become a world leader in creating exclusive leather goods and to invent a legendary bag model for women, which will go down in the history of world fashion.