Marc Kappel’s universal fashion code.

Marc Kappel, the Dutch fashion designer, announces his new fashion brand devoted to inspire successful men. Following our times’ mood, the brand’s philosophy alignes stylish design with functionality: comfortable premium quality fabrics and materials are Marc Kappel’s formula for success.

Marc Kappel’s unique style was influenced by his younger years: traveling around the world, living in several countries and being exposed to different cultures, shaped a broad approach to the idea of “style”.

Inspired by the diversity of the world, culture and people Marc Kappel decided to focus on comfort and quality for the modern man’s wardrobe.

The designer started his business creating his own multi-brand store. However, the search for collections that could fully satisfy the needs of men did not always end in success. He then decided to do it by himself ! Many years of experience in business and fashion finally helped him in creating a successful concept.

Kappel’s creation include clothes and shoes. Its cross-cultural code made it popular in different countries in Europe, Asia and Middle East. Simplicity and minimalism of shapes are embodied in highest quality materials.

When it comes to selecting materials and fittings, Marc Kappel is meticulous and relies primarily on the professional advice from his Milan fashion office and his haed office in Dubai.

He focuses on the world’s best fabric manufacturers and cooperates with top factories around the world. Long-term partnership with the best companies enables Kappel to find the right balance between price and quality.

Clothing and footwear is a business card that speaks for you. Those who choose my brand declare their preferences – comfort and quality – and my job is to emphasize their aspirations for success with style solutions. I think this is important, especially for men,” says Marc Kappel.