Schiaparelli: the duality of an inimitable woman

Daniel Roseberry, who from 2019 holds the helm of the Maison, leads us to investigate the personality of Elsa Schiaparelli, and to discover her identity outside fashion and far from her sparkling Parisian life.

all images © Schiapparelli

A new approach that allows him to sign a collection the closest possible to the eccentric and progressive personality of Elsa Schiaparelli, but that reflects Roseberry’s full creative autonomy. Surrealist jewels, flexible fabric breasts, exaggeration and movement of the body, meet the twists of the classic language of the 70s French prêt-à-porter.

The silhouette is bold, almost as it wants to escape the banal, where the classic set of denim jacket and miniskirt is finished in crispy paint, while a floral print becomes a complete remix with a large pant in sequins.

On the other hand, Roseberry discovers another unpublished Elsa: on vacation. Clothes are pieces for a literal escape, wanting to leave reality, and creating a wardrobe that could be featured in a David Lynch movie, where Imagination can wander without borders.

Multicolored striped jersey in cotton and a large silk viscose caftan with red and white strips that wink at the most iconic umbrellas of the Mediterranean coast, are item of a refined and chic woman’s wardrobe .

A separate chapter would deserve accessories: from the oversize earrings and necklaces in brushed-opaque finishes at snake leather shoulder bags with umbrella stripes, unpublished variation of the classic secret bag, the iconic Schiapparelli bag with padlock.