Operation nostalgia? Most certainly not, more like a Proust’s madeleine: a flavour, a perfume, and object that evokes a remembrance of things past. In terms of dress, Vestibus suits form integral part of that timeless phenomenon we call “elegance”. To be worn year in year out, with the kind of allure that expresses the exclusive personality of every man.

An atelier created by Ludovic MEZIER & Mickaël DUBUCQ with the aim of meeting the strictest criteria of the word “Bespoke”, that semantic expression so loved by the world of men, based on the essential condition that every model created be 100% original and stitched entirely by hand. The self same premise as a decade earlier when the newly-created brand burst onto the market, pervading with enthusiam the “grandes écoles” of France in the ceremonials of their “rites of passage”, those moments defined by the Belgian anthropologist Arnold Vann Gennep in the early twentieth centry, from infancy to adulthood and on to marriage.

Stylist are the ones that do the quick, talentful sketches, while ours is a creative trade where what matters is knowing the material and knowing how to work it with skill and passion”. This, one of the great passions of the Vestibus duo that finds expression in the creation of “unique items of apparel with real content, technically perfect”,indeed, “exactly as one would expect of bespoke tailoring”. It goes without saying that fabrics and weights are the focus of constant stylistic research, because of our changing ways of appearing and communicating season by season. From deconstructed jackets to more formal business or black-tie proposals for the important occasions, and on to contemporary creativity made of new colours and figures, Vestibus is the demonstration that fine tailoring doesn’t live on fashion, but rather in it.


Credits Photos: © Harrie de Fotograa


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