Photographer, filmmaker, film and music video producer, publicist, painter and sculptor. Erick Ifergan has come a long way in his creative career, and in many directions, before landing Château Saint-Martin & Spa in Vence, and getting us into a surrealist dream.

Erick Ifergan’s work is the perfect transposition of his personality into painting and sculpture, as well as his physical presence. Tall, strong, deep voiced, Erick Ifergan know not shyness: he takes the floor, calls the audience to watch the performance of a dancer from the Monte Carlo Ballet, moving instinctively like an immortal soul in the Chapel of Château Saint-Martin, under his decoration: a black and white tree spreading its branches and leaves up to the sky, raising the observer towards a profound reflection on the meaning of existence.

Born in Morocco, raised in France, and long-time resident in the United States, Erick Ifergan impresses with the joy and colours of his works, in stark contrast to the black and white of his other creations. But this is essentially the contrast that characterizes our life, and Ifergan has the courage, or simply the serenity, to give these emotions freedom to express themselves in a natural, instinctive way.

The shapes carved and moulded by the designs drawn on the surfaces, infinite lines twisting and leading us who knows where, the relentless flow of suggestion, make it impossible to remain indifferent to Ifergan’s work, it attracts, calls, invites us to enter a surrealist dream that could illuminate a path to happiness…