Symbols and Magic of the Contemporary.

Eugenio Cuttica’s work is knowing how to investigate what is beyond the visible.

In his pictorial research there is certainly an affinity with the philosophical statements of pure visibility of Fiedler and Hildebrandt, according to which “art was a specific language with its own laws that had vision as its goal”.

This is why the concept of form becomes in his paintings – think of la Niña – an original visual creation.

” Art does not elaborate…. pre-existing forms independent of it: the principle and purpose of artistic activity is the creation of forms that exist only thanks to art “.

This is how his forms are born: la Niña – the Whale – the Bull, which painted by him become metaphors.

They are the metaphors of the life that surrounds us and that we often do not know how to read.

Symbolism has always been present in the work of this multifaceted artist, both in creating and in living, fully embracing his intellectual convictions. Just as he divides his time between Argentina, the United States and Italy, so he is a painter and sculptor, but even more a narrator of life, transmitting his emotional experience in his works.

His canvases, full of the meanings inherent in shapes and colors, are intimate stories, at the same time easy and difficult to read and that must be interpreted thanks to our personal sensitivity.

The Owl and the Merchant – 2022 Mixed technique on canvas – 1,75 x 2,20 m

He succeeds, through his own aesthetic ideal of life, to highlight the strength that art possesses, through an imaginative and deeply symbolic painting.

The dialogue that the artist seeks is with our depths, with that dormant part that each of us wanted to forget out of fear, lightness or neglect. The success of Cuttica is precisely this: the ability to awaken, in those who dialogue with his works, the desire to embark on a journey within oneself overcoming apparent reality.

Luna and red bush I – 2018 Mixed technique on canvas – 1,85 x 3,15 m

While in the exhibition held in Argentina at the Museum of Bellas Artes in Buenos Aires he placed at the center of the rooms, in which his paintings were exhibited, his own person to signify almost, in a performance that lasted months, that the one who painted is the father of so much, but here then at the Museum of Mar del Plata always in Argentina he presented in that cyclopean work works that were a summit of those that have been the last years of creativity decreeing with conviction that the center of this new journey is her: la Niña.

Obsessively and tenaciously, deliberately high on the surface and superb in execution, but at the same time so full of pathos, it forces the visitor to dialogue on a univocal track with this mysterious female figure, who has now become the alter ego of the artist.

To find out what she represents, what she hides, what she has to tell us, we must follow her in this long journey, which began years before, when she appeared in the paintings of Eugenio Cuttica, at first discreetly and then slowly with time she became her icon and today, coming out of the surface, she is volume, sculpture, person.

Luna and the sea – 2022 Mixed technique on canvas – 1,93 x 3,38 m

She receives us and accompanies us on a magical, surreal and therefore so truthful journey.

Thanks to symbols dear to him, his Niña, as if it were Charon, ferries us thanks to ancient boats full of experience and history in this search within ourselves.

In the last exhibition held recently in Spain in Seville, in the museum rooms of the Cajasol Foundation, his contemporary symbolism, full of that magical realism dear to the South American cultural world, underlined how much he is a giant of this new neofigurative that is exciting and involving the world of international contemporary painting.

In a deep relationship that for years his research has with nature, here they appear, the tree, the water, the clouds within thanks to who, we, immersed in this incredible experience, are transported almost in a dream in metaphors, pivot of today’s art of this master of the symbol.

written in Portofino on the day of San Basilide

Eugenio Cuttica – Castello Brown Portofino – 15 August / 30 September 2023