The Visual Dome: THE RACE

It’s one of the highlights of District 1. ‘The Race’. Five locations within the border, with each bloodline racing for their heritage. Entry into the line up is utterly exorbitant, but that doesn’t bother these thrillseekers, for they come from old money where funds aren’t even a thought.

all images © thevisualdome

Each team has one driver, multiple mechanics, data analysts, their trainer and a slew of people engineering a strategy to win. For winning the R Cup is a momentous moment. It’s bragging rights and shiny delights that cement a bloodline with a legacy of power, triumph and sheer determination.

The roar of engines echoes through the streets, sending shivers down the spines of those in the vicinity.

Each course itself is a maze of tight turns, sudden drops, and steep inclines. It tests the limits of both residents and machines.

The streets are not closed on the day of the race, making way for crazy highspeed shenanigans.

Danger lurks around every corner for both residents and racers. Dodging, swerving, rushing through street traffic attracts even more thrillseekers, wanting to be part of the adrenalin brigade. Safety is far outweighed by the desire to win. 

Certain bloodlines have battled in sport for centuries, so even though the technology may be new, the determination to be at the pinnacle of their game has only grown stronger.

Today it’s metal machines on asphalt.

The crowds are always raucous. Minimal barriers between the cars and pedestrian. No distinction between leisurely drivers and those racing. The city a buzz on the auspicious day.

However, despite the danger and the high stakes, these racers are fearless. They push themselves and their cars to the absolute limit, risking absolutely everything and everyone for that chance of glory. The clock ticks for five hours, three hundred minutes of gruelling racing, with concentration pushed to its absolute limit. Machines holding together for dear life.

These racers are built for endurance. 

Not all will make it over the finish line, and only one will be left holding the cup.

Once the jubilation has subsided, these teams will be firing on all cylinders for the next chance to beat their rivals.

Their quest for victory never ends as our desire to watch them prevail.


The Visual Dome is a parallel world.

Somewhere strangely familiar but beautifully different. A society not dissimilar to ours, brimming with life and character. A place where even the mundane is enticing, a place where you can loose yourself for hours or even days.

The Dome seems to be oddly prevalent in an era reminiscent of our yesteryear.

It functions the same way as our earth does, with laws, society, structure, evolution, invention, love and Mother Nature. Technology is more advanced but the appearance of dome tech looks rudimentary. 

Want to capture your dreams at night, standard in the Dome. Need to teleport from one area to another, fine if you’re a District 1 resident. Food & drug printing, yep, sky bikes, standard in District 2, how about smart ai pets, all the rage in the first three Districts.

Come join us and the residents of this marvellous world on they journey: IG: thevisualdome