THE CRUEL BEAUTY of Monte Carlo Music Masters

In the world of classical music, where beauty and excellence intertwine, there is a competition that stands out for its singular cruelty: the Monte-Carlo Music Masters. With only one winner, the stakes are high and the pressure is intense. But out of this crucible of competition, emerges a stunning display of talent and artistry.

Piano, violin, and voice – these are the instruments that take center stage in the Monte-Carlo Music Masters. Normally, they rotate each year, but on the occasion of the centenary of the birth of S.A.S. Prince Rainier III, the competition will exceptionally combine Violin and Piano.
The competition was founded in 1989 by Jean-Marie Fournier, who also owns the Salle Gaveau in Paris. Drawing inspiration from sporting events, where the world’s best players compete for the first place, the Monte-Carlo Music Masters offers talented artists the chance to compete against each other.
But this is not just any competition. The selection criteria are extremely strict, and competitors must have an extensive, varied repertoire and the determination needed to compete in a rapid succession of highly-competitive rounds. And there can only be one winner – the recipient of the Prince Rainier III Prize, worth €30,000, and the opportunity to tour in France and around the world.

The jury is composed of concert performers, festival directors, critics, and even a non-professional, the “candide”, who represent the public. This multi-disciplinary jury ensures fairness and impartiality, allowing competitors to reveal every facet of their abilities.

The first round is similar to a real recital, giving competitors the time to demonstrate their talent. And as the competition progresses, the intensity grows, and the pressure mounts. But even as the competition becomes crueller, the beauty of the music shines through. Each note, each phrase, each gesture is a testament to the dedication and artistry of the competitors.

In the end, only one will emerge victorious, but all who participate in the Monte-Carlo Music Masters are winners in their own right. For they have shown the world what it means to pursue excellence in the face of adversity. And in doing so, they have enriched our lives with the beauty of their music.