The catchphrase of the season’s beachwear collections, a motto in line with the philosophy of every brand and now the inspiration of this summer’s fitting event. Starring wearable, stylish lines designed to seduce.

Everyone dreams of feeling great in their own skin, comfortable but still with that essential dash of sensuality, especially in the holiday season.
Today real luxury means well-being, dedicating time to yourself, and your beauty.
With their savoir-faire and experience in new fabrics, many beachwear brands are drawing on the concept of well-being to make these dreams a reality, offering men and women alike the chance to feel valued with style, and the proof that everyone can be sexy without forgoing the pleasure of comfort.
That’s why lines are the stars this season, creating the perfect combination of comfort and seduction, some enhanced by graphic prints and colours and others with a monochrome touch.

Beachwear made of a mix of images from past and present, distant cultures that through the collections bring to light memories, souvenirs, or even just the traces of an interior journey.

The designers of each individual brand are working on collections made of travel, fantasy, exotic places invented in their imaginations drawing on different ethnic, folkloristic traditions from India to China, Africa and Mexico.
Invented images capable of giving their creations an extreme elegance, as much in the choice of patterns as the use of techno-fabrics, for looks you can build up or break down however you choose to best adapt to the way you feel.

About the author: Alberto Corrado

Alberto Corrado
More than year’s experience in journalist with L’Uomo Vogue, Vogue Italia and the editor- in chief of FashionTrend Collections. Since he took the jounalist career , he has made all the difference: it has launched and brought up artists, photographers, designers, exhibitions, social phenomena and trends. During his carrer he has worked for Diners Club Italy, Editrice Abitare Segesta, Mondadori, Book Mod @ Mag, Febeditoriale, RCS, Edizioni Eco Market, Luuk Magazine and in the music WebMusic Company, Sony Music, Deutsche Grammophon, Universal, Warner Music, Decca, Sipario and the cinema with Walt Disney, Warner Bros, Universal Picture,Del Fuego Management. He teaches the history of costume and the history of design in school and University as Florence University or the Arts e Berkeley Institute of San Francisco. He collaborated with brand as Fashion&Luxury digital business strategy & digital PR.