Kay Quattrocchi is a very surprising artist, not to say…confusing! She is from St Barth, and her life is so intense that if a writer one day decided to make a feature film, he would not know where to begin. The best way is to tell everything in a random manner. She will not be offended, since Kay’s spatiotemporal concepts are not necessarily in line with her contemporaries’.

Despite an Anglo-Saxon first name, an Italian name and a Greek mother, Kay is French but spent her childhood in Indochina. Be aware that Kay is universal! As a teenager she was repatriated to France as war in Vietnam was raging. There she discovered, through the Apollo experience, that technology does not serve only war, but also “human ingenuity”.

What is most extraordinary in Kay Quattrocchi’s life is that chance, synchronicity, everything is intertwined. To the point of believing that she has parallel lives. Adolescence in Martinique, Morocco and Ceylon…Catholic and secular schools, daily visits to the Buddhist temple with her Indochinese nurse, orthodox education on her mother’s side! Kay is everywhere and nowhere, here and elsewhere. Yet she seems to carry a message.

To understand her character’s complexity artistically, it should be said that she can paint everything! She can embrace any style. It is important to note that whatever the time or the manner that Kay will utilize at a time, her path is always oriented towards the same search: the “Self”. Kay knows where she is going. Art comes along and guides her through her travels. She had the chance to cross the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, she has visited Paraguay and Congo. She escaped from death 3 times…

All these experiences gradually enlightened her and her paintings. In French Polynesia she developed a special interest in “Marae”, God shrines, and she attended some rituals. She studied Tahitian traditions, she took notes and made thousands of drawings. One of them even ended up being shown on a  collectible stamp! In Martinique, she composed an anthem for 40 choir singers. In 1992, she finally discovered Saint Barths and permanently settled there.

Kay became an internationally recognized painter and started selling worldwide. She also opened one of the first galleries on the island: “L’Espace 21”. She organized the first auction on the island!

All her adventures have influenced her way of painting. She has been naïve, pointillist, realistic or spiritual eventually leading to figure abstractive. Michael Turovski explained her that it is not necessary to seek to achieve perfection. She realized that painting Love and Light and trying to get in touch with the Other is essential. Her goal became to paint without suffering, perceiving that truth is necessarily hidden somewhere in another dimension.

Many other painters might have been lost at the time, in an inclined spirit of mysticism. Not Kay! Information consumed her. She tried to understand. Her answer was Cartesian! After a meeting with astrophysicist Panayotis Charitos, she embarked on the study of the infinitely large and the infinitely small. Bosons, neutrinos, particles, black holes, the Big Bang, gravitational waves, double causality, anything goes! She even contacted the CERN team, the gigantic Franco-Swiss particle accelerator. Her ultimate goal: transcribing the movement of elementary particles in space through her paintings and share the link between her conscience and the world to discover what unites us all.

She filed an international patent on her latest creation: “Walls of Light”, which define the multi dimensions of Being in us. She believes the multi layers of the translucent wall are stages of our consciousness in different yet simultaneous sizes. Such wall is being developed at the Collectivity of St. Barthelemy and will be completed in 2017. These walls of lights can be used in partition walls, at the bottom of a swimming pool on an 18 cm depth, the effect is magical and unique in the world! As you can understand, Kay Quattrocchi is a truly UFO of painting. And if you want to have a good time for sure, look at her paintings, or at the lighting swimming pool – Kay is the first in the world to create them – or even better! Go and look at her studio. But beware, her time scale is different from yours…


www.kayquattrocchi.com // kay.quattrocchi@gmail.com