Guest at Denis Curti’s Still Gallery, the artist resumes his dialogue on the concept of image and its perception. At the core of his performance photography, the concept of restoring uniqueness to objects or items of clothing used by sportsmen. A surprising approach to appreciating the structure and emotive soul of a contemporary aesthete.

In a contemporary reality constructed on image and the perception of image, the definition of concepts like history, identity and tradition become something of a problem.

However, some artists actually play with this idea, and even manage to pose some very serious questions. One such artist is Marco Craig. Based on a “scientific” use of photography in a region of research that delves into the melting pot of the contemporary world, his works aim to give back uniqueness to objects or clothing worn by sportsmen during sporting events, some of which particularly memorable.

The result is the series of snaps that make up the artist’s work in progress, like “Witness”, presented in part at Milan’s MiaPhotoFair 2019, and now showing in fuller form with twenty new items at the Still Gallery directed by Denis Curti, until the end of the month, when it will journey on to other renowned galleries the world over.

His “reconstructions”, cult objects like the helmet used by motorcycling ace Giacomo Agostini at the Czech Gran Prix in Brno, F1 star Michael Schumacher’s glove and Lee Janzen’s golf club contained in vacuum sealed plastic bags evoke a sort of prehistory of visual anthropology, where observer and observed share a unique, elusive characterial exploration. All on the backdrop of the unstoppable language of photography, as the ultimate bastion of palpable, visual truth this Milanese artist upholds with such gusto. “This exhibition gives me the chance to show my work as a whole” explains Craig “and finally reveal the various expressive techniques and stages of my artistic experience arranged in an expositive continuum” Future projects? “I’m going to keep on exploring the “Witness” project I started with just 21 pieces, until I manage to complete it with a total of around 60”. Visitors are offered a surprising approach to appreciating this kind of photography, child of the zeitgeist and bonded to the concept of easily accessible, mechanically simple unicum.