One of the things that people rarely talk about is how family-oriented the Principality of Monaco is. It may be known as a destination for those seeking the pinnacle of luxury lifestyle and glamour, but it has also been chosen as a home by many families from all around the world.

It is a place to enjoy life to the full but also an educational, safe and exciting place to bring up a child. The pleasant climate encourages outdoor living, the historically close relationship with the sea can’t fail to stir an interest in sailing and marine life, and the proximity to France and Italy offers the chance to explore other cultures. Childhood in this beautiful part of the world can be extra-special.

left: Bruna Treves (Brazil) / right: Fern Ferreo (Zimbabwe)


Now, this less well-known side of Monaco has been encapsulated in a book, “International Mothers of Monaco” by the photographer Valentina Selvaggia de Gaspari, a mother herself, that brings together 5 years of work in 50 portraits of mothers and their children. There are 140 different nationalities living in this tiny country and many of them are represented here, which in turn highlights the diversity of Monaco’s culture and daily life that attracts the kind of family that is often fortunate enough to be able to choose anywhere in the world to live.

The economy is very dynamic and is always looking to the future, thanks to the government of H.S.H. Prince Albert II. Monaco has been renowned for years for its actions to protect the environment and, in recent years, the Prince has committed to transforming the Principality into a Smart City. A balance is struck between history and progress, as life here respects the old traditions whilst also emphasizing the need to move forward with technology and innovation. This approach caters for the various generations of a family and helps create a lifestyle that enriches and appeals to mother and child alike.

left: Sooyun Kim (South-Korea) / right: Alexandra Schuck (USA)


Valentina explains her motivation for this book and her desire to promote the ‘art of family life’ as practised in Monaco: “Living with my family in the Principality, I was able to appreciate the art of family living that Monaco offered. I worked with mothers of many nationalities that are represented here, and who were, like me, very happy to raise their children in this magnificent country that offers us a great quality of life, numerous sports and cultural activities, first-rate schools, safety and a wonderful openness when it comes to thinking internationally.”

“International Mothers of Monaco” is a photographic art book, produced with the support of the Monaco Tourist Board and a host of prestigious sponsors, to highlight the multicultural environment of the Principality of Monaco through 50 magnificent portraits of mothers of different nationalities with their children living in Monaco. The book will be launched in March 2021 and you can pre-order a copy before 31st January 2021

cover picture: Anette Bjerke Friedly (Norway)

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