The collectible watch market has never stopped. Not even with the pandemic. The true collector knows that it is always best to compare the opinions of different experts to understand where the value really lies. Watchessentially® is certainly one of the authoritative voices to watch out for.

Every epochal crisis has always generated new art, just think of the Renaissance following the Middle Ages. Well in recent months, forced to slow down due to the lockdown we have witnessed the return of the Italian genius, a revival of creativity expressed by products like sub-adapted masks for the pulmonary ventilator passing through the related accessories Printed in 3d, not to mention the many MasterClasses and Webinars dedicated to every theme of human scibile. Among these initiatives, two watch enthusiasts have thought of reassessing an ancient passion – very successful in every economic crisis, in which the rare watches becomes “anti-cyclical” investments – creating “Watchessentially®️”, a  newsletter or digital FanZine that weekly highlights a collectible watch… “an object that can certainly be owned but that you can enjoy in many other ways starting from just looking at it on papers or social medias ” says marketing expert and founder of the initiative Nick Santoro; “we want to show these real works of art to those who love the meaning and beauty that a watch represents” adds Co-founder Mr. A Fanciulli. 

Here then are rare Rolexes of the forties, as well as even rarer Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, VacheronConstantin, perhaps in glazed, lacquered versions, marked by time even on precious metals such as platinum, characterized by the “patina” that time leaves on everything, are analyzed and proposed together with their history and the incredible results made at the Geneva, Monte Carlo, Hong Kong, New York Auctions. “There is no investment capable of generating returns such as those of some vintage, rare and collectible watches. Watchessentially introduces links to industry events every week, including those of Phillips, Christie’s, Sotheby’s, MLG, and other well-known brands in the industry . A separate section is dedicated to Shopping, with links dedicated to manufacturers of accessories and technical spare parts ranging from straps to watch cases through kit cards, memorabilia and, above all, specialized books, also ca va sans dire collectible. Available only on Invitation to, this original and synthetic specialized publication is distributed via Whatsapp, a kind of free-press for those who do not want to stop dreaming.


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