We’ve all dreamed of owning one of those beautiful wooden chalets, just like the ones you see sitting on snow-capped mountains and surrounded by pine trees, with a blanket of snow on the roof … they look so cosy and inviting, comfortable and warm.

A Grosset Janin high-end chalet is built with care, skill and dedication. They use only local or national sustainable wood so that it ages better in its natural environment. They produce all the equipment themselves from windows to staircases, from cupboards to furniture. They look after every single aspect of the build from start to finish so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Whilst focusing on tradition and providing chalets that are timeless, Grosset Janin also stay up-to-date with all the latest technologies, blending new and old techniques so that the result is beautiful and practical, striking and welcoming.

Once you step inside, the feeling of well-being increases, with large volumes and plenty of light. There is no limit to what you can do with interior decoration, be it traditional or contemporary. Whatever your taste, whatever materials you wish to use, your Grosset Janin chalet can adapt to your every whim.

Since 1950, Grosset Janin have been building high quality traditional chalets and wooden structures with a modern and luxurious feel. The family’s knowledge has been passed on from generation to generation, ensuring a perfect build for your dream chalet. This knowledge is built on a solid foundation of respect, starting with a respect for materials that illustrates their love for wood.

Respect of traditions: their post and beam construction method is an ancient technique, they are real craftsmen, but they also use the best technology and innovations available. 

Respect for a job well-done: since the company began, their staff have all been passionate about every single project they work on and they ensure that every tiny detail is absolutely perfect.

The mountainous environment is an impressive landscape in which to set a chalet, and it deserves the utmost respect. Whatever the project, it must harmoniously fit in with the surroundings, even if it’s the most modern of chalets.

Last but not least, Grosset Janin has a tradition of respecting their clients. Building your own property is a real adventure, it’s often a very emotional journey, clients have ideas, desires, requirements and Grosset Janin is there to listen to every single one of them and to work around technical necessities. This is the client’s project, not theirs.

Grosset Janin can also help with any roof or woodwork such as extensions or refurbishment with the same efficiency, expertise and knowledge as they use to build chalets … and always with the same respect for surroundings, materials and clients.

This means that your dream of owning a perfect chalet, nestled in the mountains, with stunning views and quality fittings, is now within reach, and the chalet you’ll design with Grosset Janin will be exactly that: the chalet of your dreams.