HERMES: Solar clothing and aerial leather

all images © Alessandro Lucioni /

Nadège Vanhée-Cybulski, creative director of the Maison, relies on the artistic suggestions of artist Flora Moscovici, to outline a horizon of almost astral light for a new brilliant world.

“I knew Flora’s talent, I had seen her work, but it was a magnificent canvas, which for months covered the scaffolding of rue Valois for the renovation of the Ministry of Culture, that really impressed me.” declares Nadège Cybulski “Indeed enlightened, because that was what that painting did. She illuminated everything with her warm, sunny colors ».

The ideas of the designer and the artist come together in communicating vessels in the hangar of the private airport of Le Bourget, forty minutes from Paris, to define an illuminated lightness that is carried in dresses with simplified shapes. Trousers, skirts, overcoats in fabric, nappa leather, defy the laws of gravity, and fall on the body, protecting it.

Colors explode: the bright yellow of sun, white like the taste of sugar, ocher and burnt that remind us of the birth of dawn. And on the feet, black or white trekking sandals, with a platform and often with a built-in nappa sock.