The development project for the “Penisola delle Torbiere” and the small harbour has been presented, including a “Music Floating Academy” with recording studios on land and on the water.

Reconnect spaces and places facing the lake, each with its own peculiarities, in a unique cultural, musical, environmental and sports hub, thanks to a project that will combine the music of Giacomo Puccini, the natural beauties of Massaciuccoli, sailing and other sports.

Make an amazing part of the city enjoyable for tourists and residents all year long, offering musicians and artists from all over the world the opportunity to have recording studios and training classes on sustainable house boats on land and on water thanks to a “Music Floating Academy”.

The development project for the “Penisola delle Torbiere”, the small harbour and the spaces overlooking the lake – with the support of the FIV (Italian Sailing Federation) and CONI – was presented by the Sailing Club Torre del Lago Puccini, by iCare (Municipality of Viareggio) which manages the Viareggio Porto 2020 and from NAVIGO, center for the innovation and development of the nautical sector, which has offered technical and creative support for the development of the area.

Lake Massaciuccoli represents a unique center of attraction: the natural beauties, the Great Open Theater and the activities of the Puccini Festival, the home of Master Giacomo Puccini, the harbor run by the Sailing Club Torre del Lago and tourist activities such as hotels, restaurants and boutiques in the square and on the belvedere.

A center capable of hosting all year long large sporting events, sailing races, tourist excursions, food, wine, cultural events and shows.

The project provides a substantial redevelopment of the buildings, the outdoor spaces, the dock and an improvement of the connections between the existing areas.

“Torre del Lago has a unique potential: the lake and everything around it – sport, ecology, music-, evoke rare suggestions not only for Tuscany but for the whole of Italy – says the Mayor of Viareggio Giorgio Del Ghingaro at the presentation -. The natural environment, the structures on the shore of Lake Puccini, are resources that must be taken care of and implemented. After the acquisition of the port by iCare, we promoted projects focused on the care of the existing facilities with an absolutely wider look. This project- with other ideas related to the world of music- is an excellent start that combines beauty, development and sustainability.”

“We propose the redevelopment of the small harbour near the open-air Gran Teatro – says Massimo Bertolani, President of the Sailing Club Torre del Lago Puccini – with the awareness that the place has a significant potential for the ecological, cultural and economic development of the area”.

“We have the real opportunity to create a Music Floating Academy within a wider and more inclusive project between sport, culture and nature – explains Pietro Angelini, Director of NAVIGO – thanks to a strong interest already found in entrepreneurs and financiers who offer artists and record companies house boats with classrooms, recording studios, guest rooms, engineers and specialized personnel, with innovative sustainable floating structures that can be simultaneously a starting point for nautical and tourist innovation. A truly magical place for those who, like great singers and great bands, are looking for relaxation environments and cutting-edge technology for their work “

The project is managed by the architects Rodolfo Collodi, Daniela Fuccaro, Stefano Querzolo and Stefania Verona.