“With the RM 71-01 collection, a new door opens on the feminine world of Richard Mille…   … we needed a modern, creative and talented young woman to inject new energy into the status quo  and take the women’s collection to new heights. It was Cécile Guenat, the daughter of my friend and business partner Dominique, who met this challenge by overcoming technical obstacles, freeing herself from consensus and establishing a unique and resolutely contemporary style.”  Richard Mille

The strength of a brand over time is mainly given by the ability to reinvent itself while remaining consistent with its values. In doing this, Richard Mille is certainly a master.

Creator of watches recognizable even by a simple detail, with a design so peculiar as to be itself stronger than corporate branding, Richard mille has been able to produce collections every time innovative, every time more modern, but each time invariably consistent with the spirit of the maison.

With this new collection RM 71-01 Automatic Tourbillon Talisman, Richard Mille continues its strategy of expanding its presence in the market dedicated to the ladies. For doing this, cutting edge technicity specific to the brand meets unique sculptural qualities of fine art jewelry for a series of ten variations, each one giving us the occasion to wonder how every single model could represent alone a masterpiece in watch desing.

The complex design, by Cécile Guenat, is – as explained by the designer – the fruit of very differences influences, and is inspired by the magnetic alchemy at the intersection of Tribal arts and Art Deco. The collection is highly innovative, abolishing the distinction between jewellery and case. The movement, dial and case maintain an aesthetic, technical and visual dialogue in each version. With this horological tourbillon, the brand inducts the Calibre CRMT1, its eighth, in-house calibre. The baseplate protecting the tourbillon’s rotation remains open to preserve transparency. Skeletonised and tonneau-shaped, with a thickness no greater than 6.2 mm and a weight of just 8 grams, the Calibre CRMT1 – housed in a case of white or red gold -is clothed in titanium.

Cécile Guenat was adamant about offering jewelled fittings to match the mechanical sophistication of the brand. Never has a piece called upon so many different crafts: jewellery artisans, dial-maker and watchmakers were put to the test by the complexity of this extraordinary piece.

The new RM 71-01 Automatic Tourbillon Talisman captures the passage of time in all its myriad facets, a scintillating amulet. True to its name, though by no means foregoing the more mechanistic qualities inseparable from the brand, it serves as a talisman, accompanying the woman who wears its graceful lines through each and every day.