Changing Humanity: one film at a time

Before Valentina Castellani was a flicker in her parent’s eyes, she was destined to make her part in  changing the world.   She was born in Florence, Italy, and her family owned an Opera House Theatre. Her Grandfather Riccardo was an important producers of the Fellini films and distributors of the Golden Era of Italian […]

Italians cook it better!

For once we do not worry about the stars … let’s go to a small corner of Italy, Ops! Montecarlo… To enjoy a good dinner you don’t always have to follow the Michelin stars…  sometimes you just have to turn the corner of the street and find yourself sit at a table with friends in […]

Nautical Works: Jacques Devaulx

In the words of John Edward Masefield: All I need is a tall ship and a star to guide her by… And as early cartographers were so used to printing on faraway, uncharted corners of their maps: here be dragons…. So all I need is a tall ship and maybe a reliable chart! Things that we now, […]

Destination au départ de paris

The iconic French trunk-maker, established in 1834, put in persepctive with our times and our lifestyles, for a relaunch in grand style. Change perspective, get into the game and breathe, scrutinising your horizons. Get a precise point of view, built on couture and the one-of-a-kind approach. This is the departure point for the new adventure of […]