Nautical Works: Jacques Devaulx

In the words of John Edward Masefield: All I need is a tall ship and a star to guide her by… And as early cartographers were so used to printing on faraway, uncharted corners of their maps: here be dragons…. So all I need is a tall ship and maybe a reliable chart! Things that we now, […]

Destination au départ de paris

The iconic French trunk-maker, established in 1834, put in persepctive with our times and our lifestyles, for a relaunch in grand style. Change perspective, get into the game and breathe, scrutinising your horizons. Get a precise point of view, built on couture and the one-of-a-kind approach. This is the departure point for the new adventure of […]

home & yacht same owner, same vision

In terms of interior design, very often the owners of yachts look for the same aesthetic and functional references already present in their own homes. We’re talking with Karine Foubet, from a privileged standpoint: her showroom on La Croisette. Karine Foubet has interior design in her DNA: a passion handed down to her by her […]

Luc Pettavino: TIME TO DO GOOD

Energy, beauty, creativity. And the tranquil power of a man who’s managed to involve some of the world’s most important watchmakers in a struggle of hope and love. Luc Pettavino, founder of the Monegasque Association against Muscular Dystrophy, explains his outlook while presenting the eighth edition of Only Watch. On Saturday, 9 November, Christie’s Geneva […]