Elegant and sexy, with a slightly retro style and that touch of timeless classic design, 209 Mare is the most fascinating beachwear, redesigning clothing not just for the beach and yachting, but for a cocktail or a summer night out at a club as well, all in the name of a comfortable and extremely refined fit.

From the initial – now iconic – Terry Towel Blazer inspired by historical brands such as Brioni and Lacoste, the 209 Mare collection has been extended to a range of other items, like men’s shorts, polo shirts, unisex hoodies and women’s beach blazers…
Each item bears the name of a legendary location on the Côte d’Azur: The 55, Pampelonne, Croisette, Martinez … equally legendary are the retail partners completing the online offer: Carlton, Delano, Monte Carlo Forever. Regal locations, for a brand that keeps all the distinctive traits of originality and elegance for anyone dreaming of a perfectly made and elegant costume.

209 Mare is already a status symbol, and not by chance has become part of the exclusive star system. One of its secrets? The unparalleled soft peau douce fabric, eco-sustainable and anti-microbial, ready to smooth out any imperfection, without ever looking stiff.
“I’ve always loved aesthetics and beauty, and I’ve always loved dressing myself well “, declares Federico Uribe, the brand’s CEO “I got these traits from my father, who loved art, design and architecture. Then some others I inherited from by grandfather on my mother’s side, who was from Germany and founded a textile company. When I was a teenager he used to take me with him to check out all the fabrics at the fairs. That’s why when I decided to establish my own brand I looked for a material capable of taking me back in time to dress any physique, with evident minimalism. These days people can wear beachwear anywhere, on the beach or the boat of course, but for the evening or to a club as well, so it always has to be original and elegant”, explains Uribe, who launched “209 Mare” in 2017 with his brother Gabriel, before embarking on almost a year of research developing the prototypes and looking for the right suppliers.

A far cry from the golden years of the Côte d’Azur, when Brigitte Bardot, Steve McQueen, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, and Dalì challenged the conventions of the bourgeois, we’re now back to a more intriguing, and even romantic view: that the beach is the goal to aim for after months of working out is no longer the fashion.

Compared to the “sex bombs” of the ‘nineties, the recent explosion of costumes in soft prints and colours has created a more realistic and maybe a little less sexy world.
“209 Mare” is all the rage not only for its models with trim by Mokuba (one of Chanel’s main suppliers), but for its characteristic soft bamboo and cashmere, and sartorial fabrics developed into T-shirts, hoodies and hand-embroidered yachting polos and caps.

“We bring fascination not only to our Grand Collection models, but also to our Swim Shorts, the ones you can lower a bit when you’re sunbathing,” comments Uribe. “Unfortunately, this type of item, like many others, costs very little and you change it every year … but if its quality is high, it can last well over a decade: I’m sure I’ll see my son wearing at least some of my models in future!”

About the author: Alberto Corrado

Alberto Corrado
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